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From Gargi College to Hollywood: Meet Janvi Anand

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Janvi Anand is an acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, and teacher currently based in Los Angeles. On May 11, 2017, she released her first music video for the song “The Girl on a Train” from her album Faces of Love released two months prior on March 11, 2017.

University Express caught up with this rising star who believes that she is now becoming a bit American since she mentions the month before the date in writing. Read ahead to know more!


Q1. How did your journey with music start off?

Ans. I technically started playing music around two decades ago when I was 5 years old. I had no training and just liked to play with my SA-21 Casio as a kid. I still remember the first song I played myself by ear was “Na Tum Jaano Na Hum” from the movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai in December 1999.

I started my “hobby” lessons in Guitar at the age of 13 and keyboard at 16. I did a lot of things throughout my school life: sports, music, dramatics, poetry recitation- basically anything that kept me out of class.

With every passing year, academics got more priority and I had to drop one thing or the other. By the time I graduated high school, music was the only thing left with me and I got serious about it.

Q2. How was it being a student of Delhi University?

Ans. I was an ECA student at Gargi college, Delhi University. That was the first step to do music most of the time. Nothing can compare to the kind of exposure and experience the societies in DU provide you with.

In my second year, I was the head of the college band and the convener in my final year. I always sang but never considered myself a singer until my final year in college. It was post one of my performance videos from Mood Indigo that went a bit viral on Facebook. I collaborated with Ainesh Mujoo for songwriting and even started writing by myself after that.

Janvi Anand
Photo Credit: Janvi Anand

Q3. When did the entrepreneur in you awaken?

Ans. In February 2012, I started teaching guitar (which was my primary instrument) to a few students at Central Park, Connaught Place. I translated this teaching experience of a few months into an entrepreneurial venture, and started my music school Crescendo Institute of Music on June 11, 2012.

In all this time- from teaching in parks and college playgrounds to performing at college festivals, I started playing gigs in the music scene and had two fully functional centres by the time I graduated in 2014 with a degree in B.Com (H).

Q6. What was life after graduation like?

Ans. It was my dream to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I auditioned when I was in my final year and even got through. However, I couldn’t afford going to Berklee.

I took a few months post my graduation and just focused on Crescendo. Then I applied to Musicians Institute to pursue Guitar Performance. I started school in April 2015. My guitar program was for one year followed by 6 months of a program called ‘Independent Artist’ which focused on being a DIY musician. Throughout my guitar program, I was performing in Los Angeles. I played my first gig at Hard Rock Café, Hollywood. I released my debut EP– Inside These Pages in October 2015. Right after the release of my EP I had started writing new material.

janvi anand
Photo Credit: Janvi Anand

Q7. How did you come about being the all-rounder in music that you are right now?

Ans. It was not until April last year, when I started the Independent Artist program that I actually found myself. I realized that I wanted to be a singer-songwriter who could also accompany herself on the acoustic guitar, I wanted to do all these three things for myself. My dream of becoming only a guitarist was shattered for good.

For my remaining 6 months at school, that’s all I focused on. I had 20 hour days, but trust me that was the best I have ever felt in my life. Post my graduation, I just worked on finishing the album for the rest of the year. Started recording it with the multi-talented Noor Che’ree earlier this year, released it in March and here I am today.

Q8. Tell us about your album.

Ans. Faces of Love is a concept album.

As individuals, we are made up of our experiences. I have friends who are musicians, lawyers, business (wo)men, actors, dancers, social workers, teachers, etc. We might not understand each other’s job profiles or lifestyles, but we understand how we feel. That is Love.  The one experience, the one feeling which ties all of us together is Love.
This album is inspired by all those love stories we have shared with each other and/or seen each other go through. They are stories which are as real as they can exist. I can guarantee that everyone who hears the album would be able to resonate with at least one song. We all have gone through it in some form or the other.

Q9. What is your music video “The Girl on A Train” about?

Ans. “The Girl on A Train” is a story of the organic process of most relationships- the high, the craziness, and a world of their own which people start living in. It gives them happiness because they are with the person who makes them happy. But not all relationships have happy endings. Things don’t work out or even get ugly. They fight and fight and stay miserable till one of them gathers the courage to get out of the relationship.

This song is inspired by many such stories. However, the song is in its most organic form as each scene is true. It’s the story of two people who are very close to me. They met in our beloved Delhi Metro and that’s where their journey began. They were traveling in the Green line towards Kirti Nagar when they first met, so the beginning shot with the Kirti Nagar train station was just perfect.

The first time one of them realized about their feelings for the other was again in our Delhi Metro. Once they reached their breaking point and drifted apart, the last time they met was also at the Delhi Metro. It was like that perfect Bollywood story line. As dramatic it may sound, it was true. Trains sound more romantic to me, so I decided to replace metros with trains. Their story became my muse.

But the basic idea is failed relationships, even though that was the best thing that happened to you.

Q10. Any parting message you would like to give our readers?

Ans. I just want to share my stories and stories that I hear, watch, feel, and live. I have tried to put love out there for people and now I want some of it returned for me- to be able to move forward and share more love with more and more people.

As musicians, our friends, family, and fans are what drive us; they’re the fuel. There is so much I want to do and achieve, but I can’t do it without the love and support of the people listening to my music.
I have a lot to give. I can talk endlessly about it, but instead, I want to do it: give more love to people who love me for me, and for my music.


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