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5 Effortless Ways to Celebrate Christmas (Perfect for Students)

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T’is finally the season to feel jolly, deck the halls with holly and wish you were anywhere else but here. To most students, Christmas really isn’t anything special. You’re broke, too tired to make any efforts and haven’t religiously really celebrated this holiday anyway. Nonetheless, seeing Christmas posts and stories, especially of your friends who aren’t in India can lead to Christmas blues and the fear of missing out. But no need to fret, because we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 easy ways to celebrate Christmass without really making too much effort.

1. Make yourself an easy 5-minute oreo cake!


I can’t tell you what a blessing microwave cakes are. They are easy to make, look impressive and you can top them with melted dairy milk chocolate and Oreos to give it a festive appeal. This 5-minute EGGLESS oreo cake recipe has worked wonders for me and you don’t really need anything extraordinary to make it either- a microwave, some biscuits, sugar, milk and baking powder to be exact.


2. Make easy 10-minute no bake cookies!

Ah, Christmas cookies. A tradition shown to us in all western tv shows and movies, but who’d actually go to the effort to bake them? Instead, why not cover Marie biscuits with melted chocolate and toppings (like gems) and watch the magic happen. They taste just as good and are easy and fun to make!


3. Make 3 Ingredient Hot Chocolate


If you have chocolate left over from the cookie fiasco you could utilize it by melting and mixing it with some milk to get actual hot chocolate. Or the instant powder works just as well. The crucial and essential part of this drink, however, is marshmallows. Go out and buy some marshmallows and cut them up and put them in your hot drink. The melty gooey taste of them paired with the cutting cocoa-y hot chocolate taste makes for a festive and delightful drink.


4. Make A Cheap and Creative gift

Reindeer noses are an ingenious gift, which are really fun to make and receive. Just buy gems or nutties chocolate and put them in a plastic zip lock baggie, slap a tag and card on them and Voila! You have the perfect Christmas gift. You could pair this with the oreo cake or cookies from before and spread the holiday cheer!

How To 

5. Watch Christmas movies

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like snuggling up in your warm blanket with a gooey mug of hot chocolate on your side and a nice wholesome feel-good Christmas movie playing in front of you.  From Home Alone to The Grinch, there’s an array of Christmas movies that you could stream and tear up to.


There you have it. 5 ways to effortlessly celebrate Christmas, perfect for students. Remember to play christmas songs while doing all these activities and have a great lazy day!

Perennially interested in time travel and out of the box conversations, Rhea lives her life vicariously through youtube videos and tv shows. She is currently doing Sociology Honours from Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University.

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