5 Must-Have Apps for College Students


Multitasking as a college student is undoubtedly tedious! Assignments to hand in, classes to attend, sleep to forgo, internships to grab on – and that’s just the matter of one day. While the bad news is that the workload for us millennials is greater than ever before, the good news is that with the advent of technology, there exist apps for almost everything. Here are a few apps every student should have:



Running low on attendance, as usual? Have no idea how many more times you can safely press that snooze button and skip class? If so, bunkmanager is a godsend. It keeps track of the total attendance percentage and the number of classes you’ve missed, so the next time you don’t have to rack your brain trying to recount it. 

Sleep Cycle

This one is for all the bleary eyed, groggy students out there who somehow simply can’t get enough of sleep. Unlike regular alarm clocks, Sleep Cycle analyzes sleep patterns and then wakes up the user when they’re at the lightest sleep phase- leading to a more rested, relaxed you. Plus it also tracks whether the user snores or not, and has detailed graphs about sleep cycles in its paid version! 


Being broke is a perpetual struggle, perhaps one of those rare things unifying every single student. The end of the month usually sees students doing anything to cut costs and save money- and Little comes as a savior. It offers deals and discounts on almost everything- books, food, spas- you name it. One simply has to buy the service at a discounted rate from the app through paytm/credit cards, and show the received code to the merchant.



For every student who’s ever had to face the dreaded task of citations, EasyBib is a great help. It automatically helps create citations for bibliographies in moments, and the accuracy is double checked by teachers and librarians globally. With over 700 formats including the widely used MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc, all it takes to search is a mere scan of the barcode of the book, or the name typed into the search bar. And voila, the results appear. 


With no time to breathe, reading newspapers daily can be tough. That’s where inshorts comes in- compiling articles from reliable sources, it delivers them in 60 words or less. So now you can have all the headlines at your fingertips, without ever needing to reach for a newspaper.



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