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2017: India’s Year of Memes

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2017- The meme that was

Memes have been around for quite some time but 2017 was the year when India arguably whipped up some of its most creative memes yet. Memes have become the most popular form of humour across all online platforms. 2017 witnessed an unprecedented meme boom with everyone turning into a self-proclaimed meme enthusiast and every single newsworthy event ‘memefied’.

Democracy at work

Politics is a constant source of amusement, and thus makes its presence felt in the meme department. There was enough fodder for fun from the state elections in UP where the BJP won by quite a margin, leaving SP and Congress at the mercy of memesters, or just plain ‘ol political commentary. They weren’t far behind in generating controversy though as AIB got in trouble for putting the snapchat dog filter on a Modi doppelganger.



Celebs rule the roost

Of course, #Virushka dominated the headlines as well as hearts, so how could memes be far behind? Prime Minister Modi’s Facebook page posted a picture of Virat and Anushka extending an invitation to the PM  for their reception and memesters went gaga over it. Another interesting meme that emerged was Ranbir being present in their wedding, brooding over the marriage of his unrequited love ‘Anushka’ as seen in their movie Ae dil hai mushkil.  Other notable mentions are ‘Dank Irrfan’, Kangana Ranaut’s quotable interview on Aap ki Adalat, Priyanka Chopra at Met Gala, Ishant Sharma’s mocking face and MS Dhoni’s awe-inspiring split on the field.

virat, anushka, memes, virushka                  anbir anushka virat wedding meme

Movie scenes taken out of context

Aha! This one has provided us with some entertaining memes of epic proportions. See for yourself.
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High on relatability quotient

As students, there is nothing more gratifying than a relatable meme. If you’re posed with the question “how is uni going?”, look no further than the world of memes to find the apposite answer. After all, the realization that you’re not in this alone is amplified when you see so many of your peers connecting on a spiritual level by relating to the same memes. Here are some gems by Student Problems, a popular Facebook page dedicated to student memes as the name suggests.

student meme


Speaking of relatability, the one meme that absolutely can’t skip our radar is ‘the guy checking out a girl’  meme, which went viral and has seen a plethora of versions crop up ever since. This one always makes one crack up.



Memes that we don’t want to see in 2018

The aforementioned memes bear testimony to the perception that our meme game has been top-notch this year. But certain crass meme pages have single-handedly brought down the standard of the Indian meme brigade. The deplorable trend on social media of tagging friends in incredibly offensive memes such as Tag a Priya who will marry him” or “I want to marry a Shubham/Rahul etc. Tag me that person.” has got to go. Such memes are not only a form of cyber-bullying, they also happen to reinforce stereotypes without being as overt as a fairness cream advertisement. It is appalling how people derive cheap laughs from such tone-deaf memes which promote body-shaming, racism, sexism and what not. If you find yourself gulity of this, let 2018 be the year when you not only refrain from sharing such memes but also reproach the friends who do.

Remind me again, how are these memes funny?
Remind me again, how are these memes funny?

offensive memes 2_0


As our comprehensive low-down on the year’s meme trends nears its end and so does the year 2o17, one can only imagine how better our memes will be in the coming year and how long will they dominate the social media sphere. Till then, let’s bask in the light-hearted humour and the escape that memes provide us from the dilly-dally of life and ring in the new year, on that optimistic note.

Learns to fill accounting journals by day, and chronicles her life in private journals by night, Ipsa Rai is pursuing B.Com Hons from the Shri Ram College of Commerce.

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