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SARAHAH: 11 Hilarious reactions to the anonymous feedback app

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The anonymous feedback app, Sarahah is undoubtedly the new internet sensation. Sararah (Arabic translation: Honesty) received an overwhelming response in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Its evolution in India has not impressed many, but nevertheless has created an extra-ordinary rage on the internet. Be it love/hate confessions, exhibiting anger, thank yous to appreciation, the app has shown it all.

As Twittarti and Facebook debates on the need of public validation, the app seems to fume mixed feelings. we list down the most hillarious reaction to the anonymous feedback app. Check em out!

1.  Noo! Please Noooo!

2. Failed Attempt to enhance self-esteem:

 3. Remember the Song? 

4. Attention Seekers! Huh.

People sharing Sarahah link will be included in the Forbes list of Best Attention Seekers In The World.

Posted by Unofficial: Bombay High Court on Wednesday, 9 August 2017


5. Is it really anonymous? 

6. Anonymous ho toh kya hua, tareef tareef hoti hai!
     (Courtesy: ScoopWhoop)

7. Hmmmmm

8. In the Eye!

#Sarahah the spineless making stupid confessions, and the sane seeking secret amusement.

Posted by Mayank Mohanti on Thursday, 10 August 2017


9. One for Ache Din!

हर तरफ #Sarahah पर आएँ लव लेटर्स को देखते हुए अब लग रहा कि सबके अच्छे दिन आ गए..! 😜

Posted by Ghazal Lubna on Friday, 11 August 2017


10. Truth Revealed

11. Twitter-Facebook were enough!

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