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Should Storm Warnings Be Laughed At?

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Amidst all the warnings of the storm, the schools in various states having been shut, are various talks about its intensity and if at all they all occurred.

Many areas in Tamil Nadu and Kerala displayed the moderate thunderstorm conditions. While, strong winds hit Delhi half-an-hour before midnight on Monday, as well as in Gurugram.

Though the intensity of the storm was not as high as it was predicted, the jokes and sarcasms revolving around must not be justified. Despite the catastrophic losses our country experienced, a week ago,  in the northern states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, killing at least 70, the whole core of being given warnings must not be dismantled. Rather, it should be promoted and appreciated in various capacities for the technical departments to get encouraged.

The anxiety about the high blows, had made everybody perplexed about how and when were they supposed to , or not supposed to leave from home. But, the bigger picture asks out of us a certain quotient of respect for having been given the warnings and demands from us to take all the necessary precautions.

Rather, more ways should be employed to get the illiterates and the people who are unaware, to become aware of the possibilities of the high blows or similar situations, and their repercussions. For the people who anyway don’t take such things seriously, get even casual about warnings, seeing the masses making jokes on them.


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