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The Millennial’s Current Jam ‘Bolna Aunty Aau Kya’ : A Story of Misogyny and Sexism

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‘Bolna Aunty Aau Kya’, the millennial’s latest obsession has gained a cult status in India leaving no stone unturned in making it’s self-styled ‘rapper’ Omprakash Mishra an internet sensation in a few days. Started as a flash mob event by a Facebook page Shit Indians Say, it was just another joke until the community meet-up and singing of this misogynistic song in chorus at CP happened. Furthermore, new events are being planned and undertaken in different parts of the country.

Belonging to the genre ‘cringe pop’ which had receded to the hidden, dank corner of YouTube for some time, the lyrics of the song are definitely puke-worthy and what is astonishingly bizarre is the number of likes on the video and people coming out on the streets to enjoy something as vile, vulgar and sexist as this song.

We, as a generation are so much hung up on the idea of FOMO that we have become hard core consumers of things that would have sounded lame a few years back and would again in some time as a matter of fact. Fads from bringing cringe pop in the mainstream, making celebrities out of people like Omprakash and Dhinchak Pooja, hashtagging to apps like Sarahah all fall under this category.

Catchy, addictive with an easy to remember chorus are some factors working in its favour but everything is inherently wrong with Mishra’s brainchild. This song is the complete opposite of high culture and is the coming together of everyone, whether elites and non-elites to celebrate misogyny that clearly blurs class lines. It is a bold and upfront manifestation of hormonal outbursts of perverted men brought to the fore by disgustingly offensive lyrics. And what is even more heart breaking is the fact that we, the Gen Y are normalizing vices like eve teasing, cat calling women, violence and abuse of women and making it a part of enjoyable outings and even promoting the events are ‘unmissable’ and ‘epic’, indirectly promoting rape culture.

The ‘aunty’ in the song is the ultimate male fantasy and her sexuality has a mysterious pull to it and the song unveils the mask of the patriarchal society that is trying to control her sexuality and treating her as an object of male sexual desire. He is not even subtle about the fact that he wants to sexually abuse an older woman who has been exoticized and is outside the realm of desire and hereby, shows a flawed masculinity.

And honestly, it’s time for introspection by us, the Gen Y who sold off our basic morals to the devil and reduced the concepts of women empowerment and feminism to be crammed for political science exams, in order to just become a part of the ‘the cool generation’. In the desperation to catch up on what’s trending, haven’t we reduced our humour to sexual innuendos that are not only degrading for women but utterly distasteful for men alike. We are propagating sexism and misogyny with complete impunity and humiliation of the ‘other’, in this case 50% of the world’s population, is seen as a source of pleasure and is being not only enjoyed but propagated as well.

We, the elite, educated, empowered millennials are simply happy to be singing bol naa aunty aau kya, sot lagaun and all bullshit without realizing that this is a dangerous trend that is nothing short of hooliganism and is creepily gendered and sexist. And honestly, this disgusts me and hopefully, we all realize that this is not what is meant by free speech. Denial isn’t healthy. Hope of better sense to the pseudo hipsters!


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