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Here’s Why We Should Replace Enid Blyton

In January 2013, Enid Blyton’s hometown, which had planned buoyant festivities to mark her arrival to the town seventy-five years ago, faced inordinate pressure to not let the commemoration take place. While the town went ahead with the revelries in the end, there was a significant dent in the ideologies of people who had so… Keep Reading


Book Review: Roaming through One Hundred Years of Solitude

A hundred plots linked together and rolled into one seamless narrative of life, Márquez guarantees innumerable chills and thrills. To read Márquez in all his glory one needs to give in to the story he weaves and you will find yourself sometimes strongly opposing the views to, almost a point of revulsion. In One Hundred Years… Keep Reading


A bit of “The Color Purple” through “Beloved”

From Alice Walker’s “you better not tell nobody but God. It’ll kill your mammy” (The color Purple) to Toni Morrison’s “Sixty million and more”(Beloved), a span of about 5 years passed and the timelines explored by the two stand apart by some 50 odd years and yet, a lot remained the same. Opening with a… Keep Reading


#BookReview: Revisiting the Jazz Age – The Great Gatsby

First published in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s american novel, The Great Gatsby is claimed to be one of the best fictional pieces of its time. It traces the american society through tales of triumph and tragedy. It is a picturesque reflection of the society he was a part of, which was the Jazz Age, post… Keep Reading


5 Books That Can Be Made Into Bollywood Movies

With Bollywood films minting crores of rupees, they are not just selling stories, but mini-universes for the audience to carry with them long after the running time of the movies. In an age where originality is dying at the rate of number of remakes of a certain film being made, the need of the hour… Keep Reading

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Kalpana Mishra: From a DU Student to a Published Author

Kalpana Mishra, today the author of the romantic novel ‘Love Forever @Rajpath’, was once an ordinary young woman studying the Honors Course in Mathematics at ARSD College, South Campus, Delhi University. Her Mathematics course never deterred her group of friends from having their share of fun, making their college days carefree. The preliminary stages of… Keep Reading

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