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Poetry Is Hip In The Times Of Instagram

Although  Instagram is generally thought of as a platform filled with perfectly-composed selfies or pictures of felines, or of exotic vacations and food porn, there’s a whole world of inspirational poetry waiting for our curious eye amidst all the scrolling through the random posts. In times when social media is blamed often for making us read… Keep Reading


Here’s Why You Can’t Miss Jaipur Literature Festival, 2018

Jaipur Literature festival is one of the largest, free literature festivals of India. It is ought to be an appeal to literature enthusiasts and academic connoisseurs since it offers the best combination of an academic set-up along with a fun packed schedule that the festival offers. Besides what it officially presents to us, there is… Keep Reading


Artificial Intelligence: Things That Can Go Wrong

With the pace with which technology is advancing in our age, keeping track of what all is happening itself is quite difficult. Innovations are happening in every sector of the economy from robotics to automated home appliances. But there is one forefront of technology made famous by movies and series, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence… Keep Reading


Here’s why 2017 was full of controversies

Controversies reigned supreme in 2017, their ripples being felt across all social media platforms where some creative minds took the pains of demonstrating the meme-worthiness of these consuming controversies, thus ensuring that they entertain the masses by portraying the lighter side of these very serious issues! Contentious issues emanating from the field of Cricket to… Keep Reading


2017: India’s Year of Memes

2017- The meme that was Memes have been around for quite some time but 2017 was the year when India arguably whipped up some of its most creative memes yet. Memes have become the most popular form of humour across all online platforms. 2017 witnessed an unprecedented meme boom with everyone turning into a self-proclaimed… Keep Reading


5 Effortless Ways to Celebrate Christmas (Perfect for Students)

T’is finally the season to feel jolly, deck the halls with holly and wish you were anywhere else but here. To most students, Christmas really isn’t anything special. You’re broke, too tired to make any efforts and haven’t religiously really celebrated this holiday anyway. Nonetheless, seeing Christmas posts and stories, especially of your friends who aren’t… Keep Reading

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