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Dear Muslim Women, let’s break menstrual prejudices this Eid

Ramadaan (or Ramzan) is considered to be the month of exceptional blessings. Muslims around the world fast from dawn till dusk and observe the obligatory taqwa (a path that leads towards Allah) during this month. With festivities in full swing, Muslims all over are gearing up for Eid as the month of Ramzan is reaching closure. As happy as the… Keep Reading


Volunteer Leadership Internship Programme (VLIP) at Eat My News

Venturing into college is a major change for a large number of students. From the sheltered environment of school, where it is clear what you have to do to be successful, you are thrown into an independent environment, where opportunities abound. It can be extremely overwhelming to make decisions, and understand what experiences will serve… Keep Reading


SSCBS Wins the Enactus National Competition 2017

Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. An annual series of regional and national competitions provides a forum for teams to showcase the impact of their outreach efforts and to be evaluated by executives serving as judges. The final competitions of Enactus are qualified from over… Keep Reading


The Memifciation Of An 18-year-old’s Internet Feed

Ever since the millennials took control of the internet, there has been a boom of images and posts that have transformed the definition of humor for us, one that requires first-hand experience, exaggeration to India TV’s level, and a sense of humor that binds all the viewers together under the umbrella of hopelessness, with a… Keep Reading


India-Pakistan, the rivalry lives on!

Call it a fierce rivalry or a hyped phenomenon. But Sunday’s India-Pakistan encounter at Edgbaston would see two nations worth a population of greater than a 2 billion, persuading their Allah, Bhagwan, and Jesus. All for what Wasim Akram stated in the Kapil Sharma show “Kuch bhi ho jaaye inse, India se nahi haarna hai!”… Keep Reading

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Miranda House Gets Community Radio, 3 New Apps

Miranda House’s innovation and administration team has been busy the past few months to give the reputed college a digital makeover. The college now has its own community radio; 2 programmes on college environment, run by students, have already been aired. An add-on course for aspiring Radio Jockeys has also been introduced. Earlier, an app… Keep Reading


Linguistics: The new dimensions of language

We, at Future for Sure believe not only in promoting new courses but also having our students get well equipped with the new course and the subsequent career options for the same. Linguistics is one such steam. It not only plays a significant role presently, but will also enhance the scope of one’s professional life.… Keep Reading


5 Perks of Studying Abroad

It’s that time of the year again when you’re considering every academic option at your disposal, for your career. This crossroad is an all important step of your future. Almost everybody has thought about studying abroad for further studies as a viable option. Here are 5 reasons why it might actually be worth it. Blings… Keep Reading

Ramjas: The Azaadi episode- A different perspective?

Difference in political ideologies is quite banal. Everyone’s opinion and dissent, ideally, is to be taken into consideration, because everyone’s opinion is important. Evidently, that doesn’t hold true for our country anymore. Why listen to an opinion when one ideology can dominate, right? This was very clearly seen in the Ramjas clash that was witnessed… Keep Reading


Justin Bieber performs in Mumbai and we are not pleased!

So, here’s why I could spot an omen foretelling the aftermath of Baby hitmaker Justin Bieber’s concert in Mumbai. Just when the attendees of the concert perceived the concert to have ended, Bieber came out with Sorry and as is customary courtesy the onus taken up by Chris Martin, there is nothing better than seeing… Keep Reading

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