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Witness Street-play Extravaganza at Chauraha, IPCW!

Come and witness this street play extravaganza on 24th March at IP College for Women’s Annual Fest Shruti’18. Chauraha is the street play event of Abhivyakti- The Dramatics Society of IP College for Women. As a part of the Fest, different Dramatics Societies from various parts of Delhi would perform in this event. This year… Keep Reading


How Yourshell is Revolutionizing Lives of Students on Campus  

India has the most favorable demographics of the world, we’re a youth-based nation and what differentiates the youth of today from that of yesterday is the fact that we’re valuing our education much more than we did in the past. Over 34 million students are enrolled for higher education in India, a number that is… Keep Reading


5 Animated Adult TV Shows You Should Watch For Dark Comedy

They might look like kids’ cartoons, but the (animated) reality could not be further away from the truth! While classics like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park have ruled the cartoon adultverse, here’s a look at some other animated shows (tried and tested by yours truly) that you should check out if you enjoy… Keep Reading

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A Letter From Jammu, The Gateway To Heaven

  Hey Folks! I am Jammu, the J to the state of J&K, the part mostly forgotten or generally overlooked but believe me, Jammu and Kashmir would never be the same without me. *sigh* I agree that the Valley has always retained the upper hand in tourism and rightly so, it’s literally the “Paradise on… Keep Reading


7 shows to watch if you have a small attention span

Long gone are the days when you could sit back and watch hour-long episodes one after the other, with no special incentive.  Uni life is stressful and honestly committing a whole hour to watch TV shows fills you with guilt (you’d much rather procrastinate by going over social media, which you can quit anytime. You… Keep Reading


Poetry Is Hip In The Times Of Instagram

Although  Instagram is generally thought of as a platform filled with perfectly-composed selfies or pictures of felines, or of exotic vacations and food porn, there’s a whole world of inspirational poetry waiting for our curious eye amidst all the scrolling through the random posts. In times when social media is blamed often for making us read… Keep Reading

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