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6 Best Places to Go on Your Birthday

Well well well, birthdays are such anxiety bombs nowadays. Where to go, what places could compensate for the budget… We often come across these thoughts before birthdays. Because of the better the place, the better the praise. Birthday parties are not done by will anymore. It has become a sort of compulsion. And August-November is… Keep Reading


If You Can’t Bear My Stories Then Your Society Is Unbearable; Manto

The unfiltered, and unfettered dimensions of Manto’s writings, speak volumes of him being a true artist, consumed in the spaces of his unconscious, with its pure intelligence, not complying with the conscious aspects acquired through the outside. “If you cannot bear these stories then the society is unbearable. Who am I to remove the clothes… Keep Reading

Indian booker prize-winning author and anti-globalisation activist Arundhati Roy poses for photographers on September 8, 2009 ahead of the "International Literature Festival Berlin 2009". The festival takes place from September 9 to September 20, 2009.  AFP PHOTO DDP / AXEL SCHMIDT  GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Lesser Talked About Human Races; Writer’s Sanctuary.

We have studied since forever, there were parasites, plants, animals and then human beings evolved. There is this one category we haven’t talked about, the category of writers. They say a writer lives a thousand years. But also, a writer suffers a thousand pain. A writer seizes a thousand emotions. It is starkly easy to… Keep Reading


Not Guilty; My Story Of Being Molested, Again and Again!

“I like you” This was the message I received from my maths tuition teacher when I was 13, he was 70 years old. Before I was aware of the changes that were happening in my body, before I experienced the first butterflies in my stomach, I experienced the utter disgust when a seventy-year-old man ran… Keep Reading


Restoring Artistic Freedom

On 3rd August, Shashi Tharoor introduced Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill in the parliament to strengthen the artistic freedom of the filmmakers which is seen to be curbed by the Central Board of Film Certification. CBFC has recently trespassed its authority by acting as a “censoring” body wherein its powers are limited to film “certification.” From censoring… Keep Reading

In this September 1947, file photo hundreds of Muslim refugees crowd on top a train leaving New Delhi for Pakistan. After Britain ended its colonial rule over the Indian subcontinent, two independent nations were created in its place _ the secular, Hindu-majority nation of India, and the Islamic republic of Pakistan. The division, widely referred to as Partition, sparked massive rioting that killed up to 1 million, while another 15 million fled their homes in one of the world’s largest ever human migrations. (AP Photo, File)

14th August, The Independence Day No One Talks About

Fourteenth Day of August, 1947, King George VI of Great Britain and the British Dominions appointed Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the Governor General of Pakistan. After having shared the same struggles, the same carnage for so many centuries, United India broke into two nations, India and Pakistan. Partition brought a storm of emotions and bloodshed, along… Keep Reading


A British Photographer Captures Men Non-Romantically Holding Hands

A surprising cultural norm prevails in India: Men here like to hold hands. Though masculinity is rigidly defined and homophobia rampant in the country, the practice is so common that it is rarely noticed. British fashion and celebrity photographer Vincent Dolman, however, found this gesture to be delightfully unconventional, and an interesting contrast to the West, where homophobia… Keep Reading


Will Life Without Love, Be too Big a Sacrifice?

People often ponder over the idea of love, some question it’s veracity and others, the pain it endorses. What remains common is the worth. Is it worth putting oneself through so much when you can just decide not to take a call? Why is it that humans find it so hard not to put their… Keep Reading


Friendship: the perfect Blendship

Friendship, bunks, punishments, indiscipline. I see one thing when I talk about these words, being a hosteller. Hostel life is a pack of memories. It’s a storehouse that never gets empty. Moments we never stop replenishing. You see there is this ritual in every boarding. We commonly follow that seniors always overpower the junior groups.… Keep Reading


8 Things You Can Relate If You Are Bollywood Maniac

Be it any situation, you have it all in Bollywood. We give you all the signs that you are a Die-Hard fan of Bollywood. A situation from some movie is playing in your head all the time.   2. You start singing a song immediately after the last word of your friend and you know… Keep Reading

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