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Cramming The Way Up

Thinking ability or memorising powers?  What tests a student’s merit in our country? The exams. Board exams, university exams or the professional course exams. The ticking clock of those three hours tends to decide our fate nowadays. But can those three hours test our education and our capabilities? No.  The only thing exams can test… Keep Reading


Enactus SRCC To Inaugurate Community RO At Azadpur

Enactus, Shri Ram College of Commerce is a student-run organisation which undertakes social entrepreneurship projects in order to uplift the lives of the people in need and move towards a better, more sustainable world. Project Asbah- Every Drop a Promise, is an initiative in the water sector wherein Enactus SRCC aims to provide affordable and… Keep Reading

my tape 2

How My Tape is creating a musical revolution

Music lovers digging in new music and extending their playlist isn’t unusual. The newly-launched My Tape has got your back for all the unexplored music that you wanted to be a part of your playlist. What is it about? The brainchild of Utkarsh and Prakhar, it was launched in September 2017. The two independent musicians collaborated… Keep Reading


Sexual Abuse and Community threats, challenges faced by TFI fellows for enabling education at Khanpur (Delhi) Juggi

Sitting in our classrooms of privilege we often forget that in a country like India, there run many parallel worlds of discriminate class and culture. University Express furthering its collaboration with Teach For India spoke to few of its most potent fellows that have been doing groundbreaking work across the darkest ghettos of Delhi. At… Keep Reading

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