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Conscious Ink

Conscious Ink

How Hadiya shams notion of Love without social identities

The recent case of Hadiya’s home arrest and an alleged love jihad angle has massively shaken the human rights’ activists and the national security experts simultaneously. The investigations are already underway and the appropriateness of the allegations and concerns over breach of rights of freedom of choice are certainly perplexed. I’ve always wondered about the significance… Keep Reading

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Inside a Fire Temple: All about the Parsi Community

“Hain kaun ye log, exactly?” One of the sweetest and warmest set of people you would find in the country currently, Parsis (inhabitants of Persia) are people from an Iranian descent who have found home in India since the eight century CE and settled first in the Sanjan village of Gujarat. Having entered as refugees to find… Keep Reading


DUSU elections are not a holiday, celebration of long weekend can wait

February 28, 2017 (North Campus, Delhi University-DU):  Teachers and Students of DU, Jamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) university undertook a protest march condemning the violence at Ramjas College. The march commenced from Khalsa College concluded at the Arts Faculty, and had more than 600 people in attendance. Undoubtedly, the greatest show of solidarity. This was followed… Keep Reading


What Ruined Independence Day’s Charm For Me.

As a child, Independence Day was one of my favourite holidays. Not just because it was a non-school day, but because I really liked celebrating it. It was a non-negotiable family day. Getting up early for the Prime Minister’s speech and the extra special heavy breakfast was cermonial. The day was incomplete without Kite-flying and Patriotic Movies… Keep Reading

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The ‘Not-so Liberal’ Mumbai Hostel rules

    Women are often coerced into a state of innate acquiescence when it comes to those abhorrent rules and regulations exceptional to their gender alone. It is pretty obvious that most of us won’t even pause to wonder why there is such a perceptible dichotomy between curfews and rules for male and female students… Keep Reading

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Generation Clueless

  With the new year celebrations over and  as most undergraduates start what would be their final semester in Delhi University, there is a special place in which most people reside known as the “ The House of the Clueless”. Along with the reigning members, new enrolments feature people in their second year, who are… Keep Reading

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