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In My Opinion

In My Opinion

Adult Problems: The Fairytale Angle

For as long as I can remember, I have grown on a staple of fairytales. They explained the mysteries of the world with seemingly impossible plots : birth, death, the seasons, day and night, love, enmity everything to me. Messages of overcoming adversity, rising from rags to riches, and the benefits of courage, demarcating between… Keep Reading


A one party State, again?

Memories of the erstwhile political hegemony of the Indian National Congress have come to become a reality once again, albeit in a different colour as 21 Indian states dazzle under the saffron fold. While this certainly is a celebratory moment for the BJP and its star-campaigner, the Prime Minister himself, the evident weaknesses of the… Keep Reading

v day
In My Opinion

Valentine’s Day : Materialism At Its Finest

Valentine’s Day, the roses and chocolate fests of the year has become an overly commercialized flurry of last-minute shopping, with transformation of stores from drab gray to red and pink decor, as millions rush out to pick up gifts to display their affection. Don’t we all associate successful couple goals with expensive gifts, romantic date… Keep Reading

In My Opinion/Opinions

Social Media Detox In The Internet Age

Hey fellow millennials, I, just like the majority of us, spend too much time on my phone. Too absorbed. Too hung up on it. Honestly, being away from it for more than half an hour of when I’m awake is not less than torture for my poor soul. *sigh*  And lately, I’ve been seriously thinking a… Keep Reading

In My Opinion

“New Year, New Me” Seriously?

Oh it’s that time of the year again, let’s take out our diaries and start jotting down the New Year Resolutions. New year, New me. That’s what most of those resolutions will be built on, partly because that’s what everyone’s doing and of course, alliteration! Time when the life makeover books to the weight loss regimen… Keep Reading
In My Opinion/Opinions

Why Are We Studying Environmental Science?

“You do know that from next week onwards you’ll be having environmental science classes?” Shock. Pure and absolute shock. It was the second week of college, and all I could think about was whose idea was it to torture university students even further. In 1993, The Supreme Court mandated that the Union Grant’s Commission develop… Keep Reading

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