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Cobrapost’s sting operation stung the media houses

What was the Cobrapost sting about? Two months back, Cobrapost conducted a sting operation named Operation 136 (the world ranking of Indian media in World Press Freedom Index) revealing that as many as 43 Indian news platforms, both regional and national, including big players like India Today, Times of India Group, Zee News, Paytm, Hindustan… Keep Reading


Cramming The Way Up

Thinking ability or memorising powers?  What tests a student’s merit in our country? The exams. Board exams, university exams or the professional course exams. The ticking clock of those three hours tends to decide our fate nowadays. But can those three hours test our education and our capabilities? No.  The only thing exams can test… Keep Reading

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ASIFA- A Horror Story that has the Country on Edge.

ASIFA. The only name that I’ve seen or heard in the last 48 hours. Her story has abashed me to the core. On January 10, Kathua’s Rasana Village in Jammu & Kashmir an 8 years old Asifa Bano went through something that’s enough to shame the humanity. The innocent child was gang raped innumerable times… Keep Reading

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Fest-attendance se aage badho, DU apne haq ke liye lado!

Earlier this year, as a member of my college society, I was supposed to interview fellow students of my college to check their admission into the society. In the process, I met a student from a remote part of Haryana, more eloquent and well versed in the scheme of things than I was with all… Keep Reading


Here’s Why We Should Replace Enid Blyton

In January 2013, Enid Blyton’s hometown, which had planned buoyant festivities to mark her arrival to the town seventy-five years ago, faced inordinate pressure to not let the commemoration take place. While the town went ahead with the revelries in the end, there was a significant dent in the ideologies of people who had so… Keep Reading


Dear Founder of VIT, Practice What You Preach!

In light of the International Women’s Day, The Hindu newspaper featured a quote from G. Viswanathan – the founder and chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) – in a piece of writing on how to empower women in schools and colleges. The quote, which follows as “Institutions should encourage students to stand up for… Keep Reading


A one party State, again?

Memories of the erstwhile political hegemony of the Indian National Congress have come to become a reality once again, albeit in a different colour as 21 Indian states dazzle under the saffron fold. While this certainly is a celebratory moment for the BJP and its star-campaigner, the Prime Minister himself, the evident weaknesses of the… Keep Reading

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This Women’s Day, 100% off on conventional beauty standards

Women’s issues have become more discussed than ever. Thanks to an immense social media surge we are witnessing one of the most pivotal shifts in gender narratives. There is a need to question everything and thus it becomes all the more important for us to recognize the good and bad of all that happens within… Keep Reading

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