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Never Shut Up Kunal Kamra

In the age of apolitical stagnation that the youth has readily embraced, it is of course delightful to know that a stand up comedian has taken it upon himself to bring funny, political and sincere content to the table. It is something in between the satire that we see in other collectives like AIB  or… Keep Reading

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Brahmans = Tyrants?

I have always been a curious person. Indulging in discussions and debates has always triggered my excitement. While I’ve grown up debating professionally which refrained me from attacking my fellow debaters, if I’m told that I should call off a discussion because I’m a Brahman and (I) should not dictate terms to a Shudra (me… Keep Reading

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Social Media Detox In The Internet Age

Hey fellow millennials, I, just like the majority of us, spend too much time on my phone. Too absorbed. Too hung up on it. Honestly, being away from it for more than half an hour of when I’m awake is not less than torture for my poor soul. *sigh*  And lately, I’ve been seriously thinking a… Keep Reading


Kommune’s Shamir Reuben – Poster Woke Feminist Desi Poet?

It’s been repeated over and over again, by the women who have been victims as well as people who witnessed the entire case unfold- Shamir Reuben was looked up at by anyone in the country with a passion for poetry, whether established or just starting out. His frequent feminist tirades and condemnation of injustice appealed… Keep Reading


The Aziz Ansari Discourse And The ‘Nice Guys’ Excuse

Last week, broke news about sexual misconduct faced by a 23-year-old photographer while on a date with actor/comedian Aziz Ansari. This week, people are still arguing over the nuances of the account and everything that went along with it, arriving at a critical moment in the #metoo movement and plunging it into uncharted waters.… Keep Reading

#TVReview: Travelling through Time and Space – Doctor Who

With the recent controversy surrounding the appointment of a female Doctor, many of the unenlightened are questioning what and more importantly who is Doctor Who? A show that a bystander would describe as being really old and possibly British, it is a 1963 British science fiction show that is filled with time-y wime-y stuff that got rebooted in 2005 and… Keep Reading


A bit of “The Color Purple” through “Beloved”

From Alice Walker’s “you better not tell nobody but God. It’ll kill your mammy” (The color Purple) to Toni Morrison’s “Sixty million and more”(Beloved), a span of about 5 years passed and the timelines explored by the two stand apart by some 50 odd years and yet, a lot remained the same. Opening with a… Keep Reading

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