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The Festival of Sacrifice: A New Perspective(Bakra Eid)

The notion of divinity in recent times has been adulterated. It is rapidly becoming more of a vice than a virtue. There were times when the idea of sacrifice was closely associated with divinity. The times of Prophet Abraham, who stood through all the commandments, trials and tribulations of God. In order to prove his… Keep Reading


Art Is Born Everyday, Art Dies Everyday

Dreams often get tangled in realities as life progresses, making us believe that dreams are mere fictions that were read to us during childhood, a mere fantasy of holding a cloud in your fist, only to discover that it was nothing and something altogether. With our diminishing number of days, diminishes the essence of little… Keep Reading


Celebrating the Undeclared Emergency

71 years back, the first Prime Minister of this country, Jawaharlal Nehru, embarked on free India’s journey with a fear in media’s potential. 71 years later, the same media fears to be able to sustain its own existence. India has slipped in the rankings of Press Freedom Index consecutively in the past two years and… Keep Reading

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Excessive Social Media : A Deep-Seated Manipulation

Appreciation and acceptance are two basic aspects that govern our consciousness in multiple ways. However, with our growing time investments on social media, these two aspects have translated themselves into an epidemic named, ‘VALIDATION’. We consistently seek validation for who we are, what we believe in, how we look, and how happy can we be, because… Keep Reading


How To Make The Most Of Your Virtual Internship

Congratulations! You have grabbed your first virtual internship!   Your hard work has paid off. After clearing the assignments and/or interview, you have been finally hired as a virtual intern. You know the various advantages of being a remote intern and are understandably very excited for your internship to begin; however, there are some tricky… Keep Reading


Rockstar – The Making Of The Mad Extraordinary Man.

There’s no guide really to concoct an exceptional story. There’s something about the innate capacity of a human to touch upon the untouched corners of the mind, that can destruct the purest gold, heal the impossibly to be healed wounds, and engrave extraordinary without even being consious about creating it. Rockstar, not only plunges us… Keep Reading

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The Diary Of An Outstation Student

As Heraclitus said – and many would agree – change is the only constant. There are some of us who are almost oblivious to changes in their lives while others who would combat tirelessly to keep such upheavals away from their unperturbed journeys. No matter how hard we try, everybody has had to give into some… Keep Reading

5 most common internship interview questions and how to answer them

5 Most Common Internship Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

  The summer internship season is here and the race to seize the best opportunities has started. Since the folks applying for internships are mostly students or recent graduates, employers are fully aware of their inexperience and this makes the interview a bit less menacing than the job interviews. Unlike job interviews, where questions mostly… Keep Reading

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