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How I Fell In Love With IPCW!

The act of falling in love with a place, city or an institution had always been easy for me. I have had the opportunity to live across schools and cities and thus I believed that regardless of what was to come, there will always be those quite corners and warm hugs I’ll discover and go… Keep Reading


First Tinder Experiences!

In a word- BIZARRE! The first time that I started swiping, I was rather excited… So many possibilities awaiting me, but well, I guess this world is not a wish granting factory after all. (TFIOS references are classic, okay? okay.) Every time someone asked me for a reason for being there, I lied, knowing that… Keep Reading
In My Opinion/Opinions

Why Are We Studying Environmental Science?

“You do know that from next week onwards you’ll be having environmental science classes?” Shock. Pure and absolute shock. It was the second week of college, and all I could think about was whose idea was it to torture university students even further. In 1993, The Supreme Court mandated that the Union Grant’s Commission develop… Keep Reading


#GandhiJayanti : How I became a critic of Gandhi!

Gandhi’s ideals of Pacifism and non-violence have been consistently placed in our textbooks which have portrayed a rather simplified version of his activities in India. These are in tune with the narrative that classifies him as the ‘Father of the Nation’ while those which diverted from this popular narrative, the most contentious being the activities… Keep Reading


Good vs Evil In Contemporary India

Contemporary India and the issues it faces are quite vast nowadays. We have advanced so much in technology, healthcare, military power and so much more as a comparatively young nation but at the same time face pressing issues in sanitation, water scarcity, education, unemployment, and corruption among many things. Recent decisions by the government have… Keep Reading


7 Cartoons That Every 90’s Kid Remembers

Weekend mornings and post school afternoons were spent in front of the television watching cartoons punctually and religiously for every 90’s kid. In these hours, no ‘sibling-TV remote fight’ would happen and parents would cooperate by providing us with some munchies. The dominantly English cartoons were dubbed in Hindi and that is what we enjoyed the… Keep Reading

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