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Bulandshahar : Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addresses at an election rally in Khurja, Bulandshahar on Wednesday.

Rahul Gandhi’s new image – Genuine or a Bluff?

It’s been a purple patch of sorts for the scion of the Gandhi dynasty who seems to have come of age, or has he? Is it a genuine attempt by Gandhi to rethink his politics and bring his newfound ‘wit’ into the limelight, or has the Congress party’s PR and social media strategist reaped the… Keep Reading


‘Menstruation is normal. Showing them should be too.’ TRUE!

She believed she was ‘impure’ for those five days. It was her crimson legacy; her female body and the ‘unholy’ menstruation. Whether menstruation is impure or not has been a century-old debate that has over the years came to the forefront. To say things haven’t changed would be only over exaggerating the prevailing problem. That… Keep Reading

The women is shown placing her foot on his genitalia("Not Dressing Men").

“Not Dressing Men” campaign sexist?

In an attempt to fight fire with fire Sui Studio’s controversial “Not Dressing Men” campaign has instead resulted in tit-for-tat(For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about). Over the years women have been sexualized and objectified inordinately. This is definitely a problem but doing the same to men is not the answer. Most… Keep Reading


Will the insensitivity in our college textbooks ever end?

Lo and behold, another instance of our textbooks reflecting more of the society than need be. A BA Curriculum for Sociology discusses the various plausible reasons behind the dowry phenomenon, highlighting “ugliness” and the “alluring of a decent husband” as some prominent issues, while reasons like ignorance and lack of legal threat nowhere in sight… Keep Reading

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