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Pen Down

Pen Down

How my insecurities made me a liar and villain

Befriending is an art I could never understand. How do people make friends? Life before college was sundry. Not a huge gang, but a whole lot of people to talk to and hang around. My dance classes, the stage, the mic and the auditorium were my booths of salvation. For the most vocal and revered… Keep Reading

HinduCollege Hostel
In My Opinion/Pen Down

EXCLUSIVE: Hindu College Students explain the Girls’ Hostel Fiasco

Setting aside the apparent antagonism along religious lines, the rivalry between the two colleges (Hindu and St.Stephens’ College) across the street has, historically, a distinct class undertone. How, then, is it that protesting students of these colleges are today finding themselves in solidarity with each other’s struggles against their respective administrations? What has changed in the University over these years that has led administrations to act in cohesion against… Keep Reading

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How Delhi became Home for a Non-Delhiite

As I lay down on the grass of India Gate, the illuminating street lights blur my vision and I see an innocent girl, walking down that road (biting her nails) with endless aspirations packed in a huge suitcase – it’s been two years and that naive girl indeed grew up to be a rebellious woman.… Keep Reading

Pen Down

Before Committing to Another l Charnita Arora

By Charnita Arora The way we relate to others, reflects how un/comfortable we are with ourselves. This has been sufficiently demonstrated to me by my life and work as a life-researcher. The happiness of our interpersonal relationships depends on our intrapersonal relationship. The following piece is relevant for those of us who feel ready for a long-term… Keep Reading

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5 Part-time Online Jobs for College students

The cash crunch bites us all, and makes wonder what can make it go away? Internships sound fun, but sometimes they don’t pay. The desire for a part-time job arises that not only makes our lives a little easier but also a lot interesting. The tricky problem is finding such a job. Don’t worry, we… Keep Reading

Pen Down

Coffee and chocolates soon to run out of production

Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of Illy Cafe told Bloomberg that increased consumption, particularly in emerging markets, means we’d need an extra 40 million to 50 million bags of coffee in the next decade to keep up with demand. That’s more than the entire crop of Brazil.And for chocolates, we are in the midst of what could be… Keep Reading

Pen Down

The (In)visible divide of Mumbai

Mumbai, is to India what New York is to the States. Its not only an amalgamation of various lives, but a way of life in it self. Among the younger generation, Mumbai is thought to be separated into 2 parts; South Mumbai and The Suburbs, how individuals on both the corners have stereotyped each other… Keep Reading

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College Quarter-Life Crisis

  When we enter college, there are hopes, and dreams. But as graduation draws to an end, we feel helpless and experience emotional upheavals, even when we are prepared for the unseen and the uncertain future. There comes a time in all our lives where we sit and think probably about uncountable things happening to us.… Keep Reading

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