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Pen Down

Pen Down

Dear India, When You’re Done Marching for Asifa, Clean Up Your Homes

Hundreds of thousands of people marched at midnight and will march all weekend in protest in India after forensic reports showed than an 8-year-old girl named Asifa Bano was drugged, raped for days, burned, bludgeoned with a rock and strangled. I won’t post the picture of her pretty face that’s been circulated in mainstream and social media.… Keep Reading

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A Letter From Jammu, The Gateway To Heaven

  Hey Folks! I am Jammu, the J to the state of J&K, the part mostly forgotten or generally overlooked but believe me, Jammu and Kashmir would never be the same without me. *sigh* I agree that the Valley has always retained the upper hand in tourism and rightly so, it’s literally the “Paradise on… Keep Reading

Pen Down

A Story of Indian Coffee House And Its Lost Charm

The Indian Coffee House (c. 1957), on the second-floor of Mohan Singh Place, a dull shopping complex, next to PVR Rivoli in Connaught Place was not a place but a culture in itself. Once a hub of intellectuals, its romantic atmosphere is unmissable in its run down furniture. To a time when Swiggy and drive-throughs… Keep Reading

Pen Down

How my insecurities made me a liar and villain

Befriending is an art I could never understand. How do people make friends? Life before college was sundry. Not a huge gang, but a whole lot of people to talk to and hang around. My dance classes, the stage, the mic and the auditorium were my booths of salvation. For the most vocal and revered… Keep Reading

HinduCollege Hostel
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EXCLUSIVE: Hindu College Students explain the Girls’ Hostel Fiasco

Setting aside the apparent antagonism along religious lines, the rivalry between the two colleges (Hindu and St.Stephens’ College) across the street has, historically, a distinct class undertone. How, then, is it that protesting students of these colleges are today finding themselves in solidarity with each other’s struggles against their respective administrations? What has changed in the University over these years that has led administrations to act in cohesion against… Keep Reading

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