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2017: India’s Year of Memes

2017- The meme that was Memes have been around for quite some time but 2017 was the year when India arguably whipped up some of its most creative memes yet. Memes have become the most popular form of humour across all online platforms. 2017 witnessed an unprecedented meme boom with everyone turning into a self-proclaimed… Keep Reading


Dear Delhi Metro, I might hate you but I cannot do without you

If reading Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate, Yamuna Bank, Mandi House and Central Secretariat in flow escalates your scale of annoyance and abuse, you are a certified Delhi Metro Commuter. Delhi Metro is indeed a lifeline. And at times a line in life. Being accustomed or anything, but Delhi Metro is a vital part of our existence. The… Keep Reading


Mumbai Chronicles : High on Love

  Red roses, pink balloons, chocolates, ribbons, dinner dates, kisses, gifts, proposals, teddy bears, swooning and the pink confetti as a finishing touch. Love it or hate it, laugh about it or celebrate it, the day of lovers is here. In Mumbai, in the ever dynamic, fast, ‘metro’ life of a Mumbaikar, Valentine’s Day holds… Keep Reading

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5 Part-time Online Jobs for College students

The cash crunch bites us all, and makes wonder what can make it go away? Internships sound fun, but sometimes they don’t pay. The desire for a part-time job arises that not only makes our lives a little easier but also a lot interesting. The tricky problem is finding such a job. Don’t worry, we… Keep Reading

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Being an Out-Station Student in Mumbai

There is definitely something about this city. Once you come here, you won’t want to leave. However, when outstation students come to Mumbai, they go through a series of phases for getting used to the lifestyle. With all things that you have already heard, there is one hell of a roller coaster for all those… Keep Reading

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Did Shakespeare Really Write All Those Plays?

  We have all studied William Shakespeare’s plays either in school or college or both, at times willingly and the others aided with multiple cans of RedBulls and SparkNotes. The following conspiracy theory may please the haters but those who loved his works, be prepared to be scarred for life!  The Shakespeare authorship question is the argument… Keep Reading

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The Many Faces of Alan Rickman

  Talent is accident of genes- and a responsibility.” I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously.” -Alan Rickman Born Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, he was the one who will always be our beloved Professor Snape. Though he left us yesterday, he will forever… Keep Reading

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