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Holi: Harassment day?

All it takes is one second. One second to transform your world completely. One second to remind you of the world you live in and one second to instill a fear in you that is rooted in your identity as a woman. It was a hot day in late February, when I was walking along… Keep Reading


JMC, Shakespeare, and a new found love for theatre

The aim with which I had stepped into the auditorium this morning was to miss my tiresome morning class but I exited it with a longing to go back and never enter the real world again. Personally, I had never seen the point in theatre. I considered it an archaic art easily replaceable by movies.… Keep Reading


Maldivian Crisis: A Battle for Regional Dominance?

‘God’s String of Pearls in the Indian Ocean’, as it was once called by the Chinese Premier Shi Xing Ping (September, 2014), Maldives is experiencing what is being called a major political crisis just before its scheduled elections in November. While calls for an Indian intervention are being raised by the exiled former Maldivian President… Keep Reading

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