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Maldivian Crisis: A Battle for Regional Dominance?

‘God’s String of Pearls in the Indian Ocean’, as it was once called by the Chinese Premier Shi Xing Ping (September, 2014), Maldives is experiencing what is being called a major political crisis just before its scheduled elections in November. While calls for an Indian intervention are being raised by the exiled former Maldivian President… Keep Reading


How I got into a love-hate relationship with my Hostel

Hostel life has been glamoured to the point where anyone from a pre-teen to a 12th grader looks forward to it, harbouring unrealistic expectations of what it has in store for them. I would be lying if I say I didn’t have my share of fantasizing about my possible hostel adventures; the fun, the drama, the… Keep Reading

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Why Placements are the most frenzied period at IITs?

The elite IIT placement season has begun and it’s raining offers in all Prestigious IIT’s, including Madras, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bombay, Kharagpur, Roorkee and Kanpur. For all the noise generated by this exercise and the large “compensation packages” that go with it, placement-season is a troublesome experience for students. Candidates, placement coordinators, teachers and even alumni describe… Keep Reading


The Saga of Chai and Delhi Winters

Yes, of course we could get into a detailed and rational debate about chai and coffee but not today; today we talk only about how important the status of chai is in every Delhi-wala’s life. Although we can all agree on the romance of cigarettes and a cup of tea. When Delhi freezes and the… Keep Reading

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