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DU Admissions 2017: Mathematics is compulsory for 4 Vocational Courses

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From this year, students opting for vocational courses in Delhi University will have to include Mathematics in their best of four percentage. In four of the seven vocational courses offered by the university — printing technology, web-designing, software development and banking operations — Mathematics has been made a compulsory subject.

Hence, for calculating the best of four percentage, mathematics will have to be included along with one language and two other elective subjects. However, it is not compulsory to include the subject for BVoc healthcare management, retail management and information technology. Some of the regular courses where it is a compulsory subject are Economics (Hons), B.Com (Hons) and Computer Science (Hons), among others.

Colleges offering B.Voc courses are Jesus and Mary College, Kalindi College, College of Vocational Studies and Ramanujan College. Admissions to these courses are done on the basis of cut-offs released by the colleges. The colleges have 350 seats.

Started in 2016, BVoc programmes have been designed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as per the National Skill Qualification Framework of the Ministry of Skill Development, emphasising on skill-based education in consultation with the National Skills Development Corporation.

The programme is like any other regular course, except that it has multiple entry and exit points. Students have the option to leave after the second and fourth semester and will be awarded a diploma or an advanced diploma accordingly.

For those opting for the programme, vocational subjects will be treated as academic subjects. “Students who have passed related vocational subjects and wish to include them in the best of four will get two per cent advantage. An additional advantage of one per cent is given if a candidate has studied more than one related vocational subject, included in the best of four calculation,” a senior university official said.

For other courses such as English (Hons), inclusion of vocational subject in the best of four will lead to a 2.5 per cent deduction in percentage. Officials said that in the academic council meeting, to be held on June 20, teachers will discuss the UGC letter which states that the “BVoc degree should be considered equivalent to other degrees”. The letter also states that the “degree be considered for competitive exams and allow students trans-discipline vertical mobility.

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