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A new committee to be formed by CBSE to cater to kids with special needs

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CBSE has often been scrutinized for its exam patterns and policies. This education board has been in the limelight for most part of this year for various reasons like the moderation policy, 10th boards and the pre-ponement of 12th boards to February.

CBSE recently announced that a new committee is in the making which would look into the matters and issues faced by children with special needs and formulate policies for the same. It would aim to enhance the education environment around them and alter it according to their needs, making it a favourable atmosphere for a holistic  academic growth.

The education system has often been regarded as rigid in its approach and to cater to different kinds of students in a uniform manner, curbing individuality. Various complaints by parents and guardians of kids with special needs to the authorities, has urged CBSE to finally take this step.

The board has promised a change in the teaching processes, as well as the infrastructure, in order to prove efficiency. Various workshops for teachers on behavioural problems faced by students, headed by experts, would be organised for school teachers, in order to help the students effectively and in the right manner.

This decision has been received positively by students and parents alike, hopefully  making schools a safe learning place with equal opportunities. It will surely help students with special needs, to find equal footing, eliminating special schools as the sole option.


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