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Outgoing Students Stressed As Teachers Boycott Evaluation: University of Delhi

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The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has called for an evaluation boycott since May 9 against the policies of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and a delay in appointment and absorption of ad hoc teachers by the university. Among UGC policies, teachers are opposed to are the graded autonomy and schemes that lead colleges to privatization.

The boycott will affect evaluation of 1.2 lakh students studying in 63 colleges. The evaluation process goes on for almost a month, following which the examination department takes another month to declare the results. Usually, results starts getting declared by July.

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Sociology student Sarvanan Nair, who is set to graduate from Delhi University this year, has been excited ever since he secured admission in Tata Institute of Social Science in Mumbai. He has to join by the first week of June, but ever since he heard that teachers have decided to boycott the evaluation process, excitement has given way to concern.

“I have applied to different universities abroad and my application has been accepted. Now I hear that the results will be declared late. I can only hope this isn’t the case,” said Tanya, a third-year student of political science at Maitreyi College.


Rajesh Jha, a political science teacher at Rajdhani College, said, “There is no appeal, no call for talks from the university, so teachers are forced to resort to this form of protest. The university is running in an autocratic manner, where our grievances are completely unheard.”

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