Its okay to not have a plan

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‘Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making plans’

Half way through college life and baffled about what you want to do in future? Well, if it helps, you’re not alone.

When I was 12 or 15, I had so many plans. Every child at that age has. People always ask you what are your plans for the future? Now, I’m 24. People still ask me ‘what are your plans for the future?’ and I say I’m welcoming all the things life has to offer me.

For a very long time, I tried my hands at various jobs. Internships, per say. But I took them as jobs. I interned at a hospital, the best in India, fyi. It was a great opportunity for a second year Biochemistry student, studying in Delhi University. That was when I got to know what I don’t want to do in life. Still, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

No plans. Even when I was so close to graduating and people around me were applying for jobs and giving entrances, I still didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do masters in Biochemistry because I did my graduation very half heartedly.

Now, I’m glad that I didn’t because I could never do good in that. And I’m glad I didn’t have a plan because I could never have the experiences I have had now. Life surprised me when I got a chance to travel to South America and teach English in one their best Universities. Last few years have been a whirlwind for me. And I loved every bit of it.

It was then that I had so much to express that I felt the need of a medium, to express it and I was introduced to the world of blogging and creating your own web space. Of course, YouTube taught me all the technicalities and I went ahead with it. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how blessed we are to be living in the world where all the information is just a click away.

Travel taught me what University couldn’t in three years. And five years ago, this thought would’ve never come to my mind.

Being curious and determined to learn new things. That’s basically how I spent that year. And I realized how much I enjoyed writing, shooting and publishing. I also tried my hand on travel blogging and have been doing that along with a secure job for quite a while now. While, what I wanted to do in life was becoming clearer, I came through an opportunity as a digital marketing manager at one of India’s leading media house. I definitely had no hope of getting in because obviously, it means competing with candidates from marketing/journalism background, but I then came back from my trip and had a lot of time in my hand, I decided to give it a shot. Right when I came out of the interview, I knew in my heart that I killed it. And that was beginning of a new journey which I’m part of today as well and absolutely in love with my job.

“Sometimes, just take a leap of faith”

Honestly, my life is nowhere near my plans I had when I was 15 but definitely near the plans I made after college because I started working towards it. Life is a long journey. Its okay if you chose wrong subject in eleventh standard or you failed. Its okay if you don’t want to continue the same subjects later. Its okay if you want to explore a few options before choosing one. Trust me, it’s a long life and there’s a scope of doing all you want.