Rockstar – The Making Of The Mad Extraordinary Man.

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There’s no guide really to concoct an exceptional story. There’s something about the innate capacity of a human to touch upon the untouched corners of the mind, that can destruct the purest gold, heal the impossibly to be healed wounds, and engrave extraordinary without even being consious about creating it.
Rockstar, not only plunges us into feeling the making of this mad extraordinary, but puts us in a space where we almost
(Due to the blurred line that intervene our real, and the cinematic roller-coaster) end up meeting god, the individual god at our inside.
From following up on the paths designed by the people over many years, Jordan’s metamorphosis through his internal silent conflicts get him to attain spirituality of the world of love, wherein he wasn’t anymore consious to the norms of the society, of discipline, and clocks, indeed, he was then more aware of himself than his senses were aware of his existence.
The preachers, the onlookers, and the audience as they narrate to one another, narrated to him too, the stories about breaking of hearts, that led people to living successful lives.
But, little did they know, as each one of us who hasn’t experienced it, that the story of Jordan, and Heer, not just narrated us, but sunk deep into us, while it painted that not unimaginable terrains of the heart break make the difference, it’s an understanding of the other more than the understanding of self that drives you closest to your internal  eternal, that sets you without warnings, and seat belts on the wildest, most painfully  liberating and the happiest journey alive, and beyond.
#The mystical journey.
From gleefully mustering, “Tu dil tod rahi hai mera.”, to sighing for her, “Mera dil nahi tootna chahiye khatara bhai.”, Rockstar embarks a transformation that no medical science, or body mechanism can possibly even think to fathom out.
Imitaz, the pure genius that he is, worked on every single frame to portray the transformation. From within a million variations in the background colors, the shooting angles, the focus, and other cinematic technicalities, he ended up giving life to every single attribute of the outside, and the inside that contributes to an enigmatic process of the transformation, right when you hit the closest you can get to yourself, to your unnamed god, and the entire universe together.
#Profound questioning of the power structure that prevails around us.
“Matlab ki tum sabka mujhpe, mujhse bhi zyada hak hai…”
Talking of power, being everywhere, I can’t miss on quoting the inspiring french postmodernist, Foucault.
“..The idea that ‘power is everywhere’ diffused and embodied in discourse, knowledge and ‘regimes of truth.” ( Foucault 1991; Rabinow 1991).
From decoding prison surveillance, to school discipline, systems for the administration, and control of populations, bodily conduct, sex, and other discourses, he established for us all to dive deep into the realm of unseen puppet strings attached to us, which produces, or represses, is further  debatable.
By the time he sings away these lines, he was completely startled by how an institution of marriage had overpowered the liberation between, and transcending Heer, and him.
The securtity alarm that calls out to police when he comes over at Heer’s house to bid her adieu the one last time, is the finest reflection of tempering of internal connect which consists a lack of institution.
The norms, and the rights had translated the simplest of the simplest cores of their unprecedented love into a complicated power structure, wherein his inertia as an individual could only communicate through his art, rather break open through the ashes of the burnt, torn bits of his soul.
# Magic touch
I have never experienced an intimacy, as pure, and divine as the magic touch of our protagonists.
The inception of a miracle, embarks itself the moment he touches her, and she procures the ability to stand after days of not being able to even sit still without somebody else’s  support. Her body did not know that it could be awakened by the presence of Jordan, but her soul did, which she had been repressing incessantly, as well as consciously.
“Zindagi mein buhat se karname hue hein, hum samjhte hein hum zindagi ko jaante hein, par zindagi humme surprise de hi deti hai.”
#We touched the moments before death in real.
Towards the end, while watering the plants, she ended up sensing her bodily  end. The same moment, she runs into the room, and caresses his sweater, which had his smell.
Not even for once she is seen expressing remorse. Indeed, she celebrates getting to live the moments closest to her heart that she spent with him, even before her death.
They say, we recapture the good memories in the moments before our deaths.
And the euphoria that Heer feels, despite dying an unwanted end, is the power of love, is indeed the miracle of love.
#In the end, which indeed was a mystically raw beginning, Imitaz  brought  one of the finest art pieces by Rumi, alive.
“Out beyond the ideas of right doing, and wrong doing, there’s a field, I will meet you there.”
Towards the last, when Heer covered her, and Jordan up using a white bed sheet, they reached the field, their field, not because they couldn’t be seen by anybody, but because they couldn’t anymore be validated by power structures, for there were no hospitals, media, flashlights, marriage, and rituals.
They could embrace a purpose to their existence, that flew away from all the theories that ever have been laid, they were just being, through the magic touch, and that was all about an infinite.
Jordan remembers this after Heer died, and that is exactly when we see him willing to let his dead body be fed by the vultures, desiring to set his soul free, and thereafter touch upon Heer’s.
“Kaga re kaga re mori, itni araz toh se, chun chun khaayio maas. Khaayio na tu naina more, khaayio na tu naina more, piya ke milan ki aas.”
“Oh Lord! I plea to the vultures to selectively devour my flesh after I die. Don’t eat my eyes, for they breathe in a hope to meet my beloved.”
#The true artists
Beginning with a desire to become an artist, the true arists, in the process forget exhibiting their art, while getting vehemently pulled up by the mystical journey, withdrawn completely towards the unknown of the inside, they create, and destruct simultaneously, and as did Imitaz while making Rockstar, and Ranbir while living every bit of Jordan…!!!
Yes, she died, and so did he.
However this is up till we could have known, the doctors  could have told us, what cannot be told, is their journey after.
And the journey after, that we lived while watching it, after it having finished, and years after, makes for the legendary cinema that Rockstar is, and will always be.