21 year old student of DU was murdered by his tinder date



New Delhi: Ayush Nautiyal , was a student of Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi. His body was found in the drains in Sector13, Dwarka.

The twisted tale of the tinder date of Ayush Nautiyal, a 21-year-old boy from northwest Delhi, Dwarka with Ishtiaq Ali, from Uttamnagar who works for an export house, who had met Ayush a couple of times before through tinder.

A report was filed by Ayush’s family when Ayush didn’t return home after college.

Reportedly, minutes after the tinder date, Ayush’s father, Dinesh Nautiyal received a message over Ayush’s WhatsApp. The message included a henious picture of injured Ayush and his head tied up, as a bait, to demand 50 lakhs as a handsome ransom. However, Ayush’s family possibly reduced the amount to 10 lakhs. Ayush’s family was advised by the police to keep away from the media. After, two days of trying to find the abductors and try to hand over the ransom, they recovered Ayush’s corpse from the drains of Dwarka.

About thirty policemen were present in civil clothes in the area, where the abductors instructed Ayush’s family to hand over the money, in Uttamnagar, but no one turned up. When Ayush’s phone and the vehicle that disposed of the body were found, progress, in this case, was noticed.

According to police reports, Ayush and Ishtiaq were allegedly in between a heated argument and Ishtiaq killed Ayush with a hammer in the spurt of anger and started deluding Ayush’s family with threatening texts and pictures in order to extort money and escape from the murder.

Ayush’s family accuses the police of not putting enough to find the abductors. This is a poignant and a case of sheer reluctance, ignorance and careless approach. It is an absolute necessity to serve justice, as justice delayed is justice denied. This is a devastating and an alarming how unsafe and easily young adults can be misled in these online websites.  A source continues that, ‘ Ayush was active on social media after he had gone missing.’

A candlelight march will be held on 2nd April, from Ram Lal Anand College to South Campus police station from 10 am for Ayush.





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