Delhi University Announces Short Term Professional Courses in association with R K Films & Media Academy (RKFMA)


If you are not a media or art student but your heart is set on Media Studies and Designing or you are looking to upgrade your CV, then these short term and certificate add-on courses are what you desire. Every year, usually from August to November, various colleges in the University of Delhi open select, part-time vocational programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students. This time the initiative is taken up by the Campus of Open Learning in association with RK Films and Media Academy (RKMA). 7 Certificate courses have been announced by COL with duration ranging from 2 months to 6 months.

While language courses are already popular, it is these career-oriented professional courses that are now quickly becoming most sought after.
The certificates for these courses are issued by the
Campus of Open Learning – University of Delhi‘ , and the classes are held after regular college hours for the convenience of the students.

Following is the basic layout of all the courses that are being offered this semester:


Course Outline
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & website planning – search engine advertising- Types of online advertising – E-mail marketing, Video Marketing, Viral Marketing – Online PR, Digital Media Marketing Campaigns.
E-commerce – doing business online & marketing.
Social media marketing & Social Media Optimization – Online reputation management – Web Analytics.
Shortlisted / Admitted students may be required to purchase and subscribe/ create their own login credentials for practicing various web and digital media marketing tools etc. apart from the course fee.

Duration : Six months 
 : Rs.20,000/-
Medium of Instruction : Hindi & English 
Class Days
 : 2-3 days a week 
Class Duration 
: Two hours per class


Course Outline
Graphic Design Foundation (Corel and Photoshop) Elements & principles Of Graphics Design Design & Culture about digital graphics Importance of Typography Illustration as for Vector Vs. Raster Colour Theory and objects Logo &Packaging Design.
Computer graphics Applications and Advertising (Corel and Photoshop) Design Process & Research about the design Typography Color for Designers and eye Identity Design of business Raster techniques Creating collages Publication Design (Brochure, Catalog, Newspaper) Image manipulation & correction Print Advertising.
Advertising Techniques Printing technologies (Prepress & Production) Layout & production Brand Identity project
Duration : Six months
Fee : Rs.20,000/-
Medium of Instruction : Hindi & English
Class Days : 2-3 days a week Class
Duration : Two hours per class.


Course Outline
INTERIOR DESIGN – Conceptual development by analyzing the function of interior space. It might be an initial planning stage or may work on the remodeling of an existing structure. We teach how to make an effective use of the space. It includes:- Graphics Display Drafting.
FURNITURE FUNDAMENTALS – The furniture designing with the standard measures and anthropometrics. It includes:- Bed Sofa Wardrobes T.V units/ wall units Table and chairs, etc.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION – The students learn to develop the free hand drawing with the use of various mediums for rendering. It includes the detailing of various interior spaces such as: Doors Windows False ceiling Partitions Wall Paneling.
MATERIAL STUDIES – In this content, we focus on the material survey, their rates and the features of all natural/ man-made materials used in building and interior structures including the furnishing fittings.
ESTIMATION AND BUDGETING – To estimate the financial details of the project – USING DIGITAL TOOL (AUTO-CAD or GOOGLE SKETCH etc.).
PROJECT SUBMISSION – Complete layout design with plan, elevation and its perspective view. It includes:- Bedroom + Bathroom + Kitchen + Drawing room.
Shortlisted / Admitted students shall also purchase and carry their own kit(s) and stationary needed for this course.
Duration : Six months
Fee : Rs.20,000/-
Medium of Instruction : Hindi & English Class
Days : 2-3 days a week
Class Duration : Two hours per class.


Course Outline: –
BASIC SKETCHING – Free hand drawing Objects and Nature study Different techniques: Proportion and Volume Indoor and outdoor sketching.
PORTRAIT AND FIGURE STUDY – Free hand drawing from human figure to study proportion. Basic anatomy; Head study from different angles. Full figure study; Detail study of skull, character and expressions.
STILL LIFE – Introduction to various techniques using medium such as pencil, charcoal, pen, acrylic colors, water colors Study of foreground and background with drapery Selection and arrangements of objects Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition.
DETAIL OIL PAINTING – Theory & Techniques Types of brushes Uses of spatula, roller Preservation Detail practice (Portrait study, Realistic figure, Imaginary figure, composition).
Shortlisted / Admitted students shall also purchase and carry their own kit(s) and stationary needed for this course.
Duration : Six months 
Fee :
Medium of Instruction : Hindi & English
Class Days : 2-3 days a week
Class Duration : Two hours per class.


Course curriculum will cover practicals on the skills needed to be a RJ or a TV News Reader & presenter. The syllabus stresses on the voice modulation, diction, broadcasting laws, mic techniques, teleprompter reading, camera facing, designing radio programs & radio spots, program production, studio practicals, etc.
Duration: 3 month
Total Fee: Rs 20,000/-
Many students from the previous batch have found contractual work opportunities with All India Radio. Also Regular field visits to Radio Stations!!


The course is the need of those fascinating for a career in Theater & Acting. No prior stage or camera experience is required. The course will train the students on the acting skills and includes acting exercises like mirror & camera exercises, diction, mime, memory retention exercises, expressions & emotions, etc.
Duration: 2 months
Total Fee: Rs 10,000/-


The course teaches the students on how animate using flash. On completion of the advance level, the students will required to submit projects & short-films through the curriculum learned. The course will also train the students on how to create the web based presentations, editing, etc.
Duration: Basic Level – 3 months ; Advance level – 3 Months
Course Fee: Basic Level – Rs.26,000 ; Advance level – Rs.30,000


The program is taught using 3-D software like Maya. The course, at both basic & advance levels, will throw light on modelling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, rendering, character animation, visual effects (Vfx), etc.
Duration: Basic Level – 3 months ; Advance level – 3 Months
Course Fee: Basic Level – Rs.35,000 ; Advance level – Rs.40,000

For Any other further details contact the Campus of Open Leaning, University of Delhi.  

By Aakanksha Agarwal



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