Delhi University VC functioning without a deputy since two years


A full-time pro vice-chancellor and proctor is yet to better appointed by Delhi University’s Vice Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi, who will be completing his term in March 2018. The University statutes declare that the term of the pro-V-C runs parallel to that of the V-C, with the term lasting for about 5 years.

Rule 11 (H) (1) (2) of the Delhi University statutes states: “The pro-vice-chancellor — if the Executive Council decides that there should be one — shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the vice-chancellor, and on such terms as may be laid down in the Ordinances. The term of office of the pro-vice-chancellor shall ordinarily be coterminous with the office of the V-C… the pro-vice-chancellor shall continue in office until his successor is appointed.”

Statute 12 (B) states: “The proctor shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the vice-chancellor and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties with respect to maintaining discipline among students, as may be assigned to him by the vice-chancellor. The proctor shall hold office for a term of two years.”

“Director, south campus, J P Khurana will look after the work of pro-V-C as an interim arrangement until further orders”, an order passed on June 1, read.

This is not the first time that Delhi University has been functioning without a full-time pro-V-C, as alleged by the teachers. Professor Neeta Sehgal has been appointed as the interim proctor for the time being.

Source: Indian Express


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