NSUI Files Complaint Against Amit Shah

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NSUI has filed a police complaint against Bhartiya Janta Party President Amit Shah, accusing him of using his power to “subvert the rule of law’’ and legitimise himself in the public discourse. They have alleged him as a “criminal who has misused every government office.”
The complaint was filed at Parliament Street police station. NSUI had filed complaints in 100 districts of 28 States to bring to light Mr Shah’s “criminality’’.
“There is an attempt being made to reincarnate Amit Shah, a street thug, as a ‘modern-day Chanakya’, but we will not allow this to happen,” said Ruchi Gupta, All India Congress Committee joint secretary and NSUI in charge.

&nspb;“This the silent version of our protest. If police and authorities do not take timely action, then we will resort to aggressive steps and will do gheraos and dharna pradarshans,” added Saimon Farooqui, national secretary, NSUI.

The complaint addressed to the SHO, NSUI requested the police to file an FIR against Mr Shah to restore common man’s faith in the system as “a state of fear and intimidation looms over the people of the country’’.

“The lawlessness is taking over the country as thugs and criminals are killing with impunity under the protection of BJP,’’ said NSUI.

Charges based on four cases

The NSUI said its charges in the police complaints are based on four cases, in which it alleges Shah has used his power to bail himself out.

It alleges that Shah, as home minister of Gujarat in 2005, directed police to orchestrate the encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, who allegedly ran an extortion racket with an IPS officer in Gujarat.

The NSUI alleges that Shah as Gujarat home minister ordered illegal surveillance of a woman architect in 2009, which it says is a violation of a woman’s personal space and privacy.

The Congress’ student wing also alleges that the BJP president had a role in the death of judge Loya, who was presiding over the Sohrabuddin encounter case.

According to the NSUI, Shah is linked to the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank, which allegedly received Rs 745 crore in scrapped notes during demonetisation, before banks were barred from accepting them.


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