Satyawati College suspends two students for vandalising seminar, college secretary among suspended


Satywati College suspended two students involved in the vandalism of the seminar hosting AISA Activist Kawalpreet Kaur earlier this week. The suspended students, Secretary Kunal Yadav and ABVP activist Aman Awana, await the proctorial committee report for the future course of action.

“The Staff Council in its meeting held on February 22 unanimously condemns the unfortunate incident of misbehaving, abuse and assault with a teaching faculty during a programme in Satya auditorium in strong words and unequivocal terms,” stated the letter issued by college principal.

“The Staff Council also unanimously recommends the suspension of two involved students namely Kunal Yadav and Aman Awana from the college with immediate effect pending the recommendations of report inquiry…,” The letter further said.

The incident took place on Thursday when a seminar on Digital Safety for Women hosting All India Students’ Association-Delhi University President Kawalpreet Kaur was vandalised by a mob lead by the College Secretary Kunal Yadav. The accused manhandled students,  professors and hurling slogans seeking ‘Kawalpreet Kaur be kicked out of college’. They also threw her phone when she tried to record the whole incident.

Both the suspended students are from the RSS-affiliated Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. Defending the acquisitions, ABVP-spokesperson Saket Bahaguna states, ” She has been responding to media calls on the same number ever since (the incident)…Had her phone been broken by students of Satyawati College, she would not have been able to talk to the media immediately and post immediate updates on WhatsApp groups through her own number”. Adding that the AISA activist tried to instigate specifically the male students.

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