The case of Hyderabad suicides


On Thursday, 12th October 2017, a 21-year-old engineering student committed suicide, alone in her house on the outskirts of Hyderabad after posting an Instagram of how unhappy she was. The same day a young man hanged himself in a store, capturing the entire thing on his phone. A mere day earlier a 17-year-old girl who was pursuing NEET coaching, too committed suicide in her hostel room, succumbing to the pressure of studies.

C Mounika was an engineering student pursuing a B-Tech degree. In her Instagram post, she stated that she was ‘afraid to be happy’ and mentions wanting to ‘quit this’. Following this, she allegedly hanged herself after getting into a fight with her mother.

In another part of Hyderabad, Shahed Hussain, hanged himself in his store, accusing his relatives of torturing him over the money he owed them. In the video, he can be seen, talking, with a noose around his neck. Later a note was found accusing five of relatives of torturing him.

On Wednesday, T Samyuktha,  a daughter of a bus driver, who was pursuing NEET coaching at Sri Chaitanya college in Madhapur, hanged herself in her hostel room. She was allegedly depressed about not doing well in her studies. Later a note was found written in Telegu stating how unhappy she was about her performance and the role of this guy in her life. “I did not intentionally chat with him. I was feeling low and had chatted for sometime for fun. I am unable to control my thoughts and I am a trouble for my parents. They are struggling a lot for me, but I am unable to live up to their expectations,” she wrote before hanging herself.

“I am not scared of death now, but of life. It has been several months since I remember myself being happy.”

This was found written in her note, something perhaps that resonated with the other two, as well.



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