The state of ICC Elections in DU


Internal Complaints Committee

Of 90 colleges in Delhi University, only 77, as of now, have an official Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) which is an essential to address the complaints of sexual harassment. This is after the final warning to do the same by March 12,by the DU Proctor.

The decision came after the complaints filed by two students of Daulat Ram College and Bharati College, alleging sexual harassment by the college professors. Surprisingly, in the colleges who are yet to form this committee are included, St. Stephen’s, Hansraj and Lady Shri Ram.

Among the reasons stated for the delay, are the hassle of semester system which leaves the colleges with no time to hold proper elections for the ICC and thus lead to a haphazard election between students picked from each class as told by Dr. Vinita Chandra, a professor at Ramjas College. The question that comes up here, is what is the whole procedure of these elections, which is cleared up by Subhashini Shriya, a student.

There is in fact no standard operating procedure for this election system for something as crucial as an internal committee to deal with sexual harassment. UGC guidelines simply state that colleges have to select 3 student representatives by holding polls, and thus leaves space for a lot of ambiguity and looseness in the whole system, so is then the battle already half lost before it started? With the whole procedure lacking the very standard and seriousness it demands.


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