UGC suggests to Drop Muslim and Hindu From Names of BHU, AMU


UGC panel recommends that Hindu and Muslim word in the names of universities- BHU- Banaras Hindu University and AMU- Aligarh Muslim University, should be dropped.

The UGC panel was created to investigate the suspected irregularities in ten central universities and it was suggested to made in the audit report of AMU.

All the centrally funded universities are secular organizations but it is said that such words related to religion in their names do not reflect that nature.

The panel recommended that the universities can be simply called Aligarh University and Banaras University or be renamed after their founders. The panel’s directive was limited to infrastructure and its research, academic and financial process in these universities.
AMU was examined by a committee comprising Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University V-C Kailash Sodani, IIT-Madras professor Shripad Karmalkar, Guwahati University professor Mazhar Asif and IIM-Bangalore professor Sankarshan Basu.

UGC Panel’s Recommendations

  1.    The panel has described AMU as “feudal” in nature and called for instrument to uplift poor Muslims on campus.2. It has also recommended that the selection procedure of the vice-chancellor  of AMU should be tweaked to align it with the appointment process followed by other central universities.

    3. Presently, AMU has a greater say in appointment procedure.

    4. The report has also pointed out that the culture of “inbreeding” in the university, in which a bulk of faculty appointments is of its previous students.

    5. The panel suggested a 5-year gap for all ex-students before they can be selected as teachers in AMU.

Source : jagranjosh


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