Hiring Policy

We are open to recruitment throughout the year. However, it is always subject to availability of posts. We genuinely believe to have a limited team with equal share of responsibility. Small team, big work!

  • Quality instead of quantity: We hire limited amount of really really dedicated students & part-time professionals. One has to be very strong in terms of work commitment before trying to seek a position at University Express. We refine the team from time to time to ensure a effective & efficient team.
  • Ability over experience: We prefer people with very high ability to work. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it in past. What matters is- you can do it better than others in the present.


  • Editorial: To apply as an intern in the editorial department, you need to make sure that your are extremely good writer, tech savy and can click normal pictures through your phone! We write news, stories and opinions and look for people having creative mindset.
  • Creative & Designing: If you’re an excellent photographer or someone who has an intermediate knowledge of design (photoshop/illustrator/any other software) and most importantly- can think out of the box then you completely fit in our design team.
  • Technical: You need not be an expert in PHP, Photoshop, WordPress, SEO etc. You just have to ensure that you know the basics and are extremely willing to learn.
  • Marketing & Sales: You need to be very very good in convincing people, must have a creative bend of mind and can apply economics wherever necessary.


Campuspreneur is our flagship program wherein we hire the best talents from campuses across the country and build them into great marketers. Application for this program remains open throughout the year! If you want to be our Campuspreneur, apply here.

Recruitment Process

  • Just send your application, along with a CV to hr@universityex.com
  • Ensure that you mention the department of your interest in the ‘subject’ section.
  • Make sure you answer this question in your application- Why should we consider you to be a part of UE?
  • Only shortlisted candidates are called up for an interview over coffee, at our office.

Life at University Express!

We have a flexible and friendly work culture. We believe that challenges are to be faced, so why don’t we face it with some fun? Since we are a virtual organisation, we operate mostly from home. However, we completely stand with a start-up culture and also operate from our playground in CP¬†and sometimes suit up to visit the Gurgaon office. We provide full flexibility to our interns and meet once in a week to discuss the proceedings.

Also, we love to make people sing!