Chaos follows up post crash in admission portals after first DU cutoff release


Delhi University’s start to an online admission process took place in ill-omened state, and chaos followed up post its websites’ crash, leading to the fuss owing to the failure to access the admission portals. The set requirement by the university was for the students to take the admission slip with other documents and move to colleges of interest to get admission. The failure in accessibility of the admission portals caused much of a hullabaloo and anxious parents had to move to colleges with laptops asking for college help to restore the website and do the needful for admission to take place.

The chaotic situation was stimulated more by the strike of the teachers association, and absence of enough college help to furnish the same. Many students did not carry their slips, says one of the officials working in a college. There was irregularity in the way of communication and online detailing lacked clarity. Some colleges to cater to the need of the hour, opened computer laboratories and made printers available. Others were seen to be sending people to nearby cafes to get the slips printed along with guiding them to procure other prerequisites for admission.

The unsettling chaos led parents and students to panic with each moment, for we went across people who could not clear the admission process due to excess disturbance and interruption of work, both virtual and in person. Many people had their conveyance back booked and had to alter their plans, due to the crook situation that took hold of the university. ‘We received very few valid admission particulars till the mid-day and were wondering why the confusion took place’ says Principal of Kamla Nehru College. Colleges ran devoid of teachers and as anticipated by many, the DU chaos acted up again and another disturbing day passed with the coming out of the first cut offs of different colleges.



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