Course vs College: Which one to choose?


The first cut-off lists are out. And your worries are far from over.

The period of college admissions is a period of conflict. The all important and difficult question is always looming: “Should I choose the college of my dreams after compromising on the course, or opt for the course of my choice in an average college?”

Yes, popular perception matters and graduating from an eminent institution gives a facelift to your portfolio. After undergoing the rigmarole of sending in application forms to colleges, all of us focus on the field and college of our interest. Pursuing your desired course from a college you do not like is like eating your favourite cake from the second-best baker in town. Yes, some could argue that you ‘still get to eat the cake’… but the taste simply won’t be the ‘best’!

… But does that really hold much meaning in the long run? To be honest, the brand value of the “so-called” crème de la crème colleges is a tad overrated! I am not saying that you can undermine the prestige of a college. But to get in only for the sake of its lofty credentials doesn’t sound right either.

Experts also opine that it is futile being in a top college if you have no interest in the course. As studies fill a major part of the student’s life, the best decision is when you pick up a course that you are passionate about. If one compromises on the course they might land up being dissatisfied in their professional lives too. Sometimes you may get lucky, and get your desired combination, but when not, the wise thing would be to bend towards your interest.

There are of course students who have the intelligence and luck to score 96% and above. They are the privileged ones who get the opportunity to obtain the college and course they desire. This is in stark contrast to those scoring 80% or below who neither get their desired college, nor course, or end up having to make a heart-breaking decision between the two.

In the end, it all boils down to your preference, and of course, your percentage. Though reputed colleges have good atmosphere and good faculty, and add up to your personality, in the end your knowledge and skills matter, irrespective of the college you attend. Therefore, choose wisely. Live well.


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