Delhi University teachers end undergraduate admission boycott


Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA), in an executive meeting on Tuesday has decided to end the boycott of the admission process. Teachers had been boycotting the evaluation of examination answer sheets since May 24 in protest against the amendments to UGC regulations, which will lead to job-cuts to the tune of 50 percent and drastically decrease pupil-teacher ratio in higher education, but later extended it to the enrolment process as well. The work hours, too have been increased from 14 to 22 hours for associate professors.

Students had been urging the teachers to end the boycott, since it was “unethical” to jeopardise their career, fearing a delay in results. The faculty members, therefore had decided to end the evaluation boycott for final-year students.

The new Gazette notification has increased the workload for assistant professors from 16 hours of “direct teaching” per week (including tutorials) to 18 hours, plus another six of tutorials, bringing the total up to 24 hours.


IMAGE SOURCE: Indian Express


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