DU Announces Changes, No More Blocking Seats in Multiple Colleges


For Delhi University aspirants, the procedure from this academic session has introduced major changes as to the mechanism of admission and withdrawal of seats. Earlier, where the students used to go and enroll themselves in the subjects of their choice by going to the college which fits under their percentage cut-off, from this session they can no longer block seats at various DU colleges simultaneously.

To rescue from the tedious procedure of admissions and fee deposit which in the earlier academic sessions included going to the colleges and standing in the long queues, the authorities have now come up with an online DU Portal from this session in which the students can simply log on and choose the college and course.

After logging in and putting up the required details, the DU Portal will generate an admission slip which the students can take up to the colleges along with the required documents like their mark sheets and other certificates necessary for the admission, in its original form.

This year the university has decided to come up with 5 cut-off lists starting from June 27 with the time interval of three days for each list in which the students can take admission on matching their best of four percentages.

A senior official of DU was quoted saying that “The college will retain the certificates of the approved candidate in order to avoid multiple admissions. The certificates will remain with the colleges during admission to make admission smooth for colleges. Earlier, students blocked multiple seats and withdrew their applications later.”

Making the whole online process simpler and convenient, the students can pay their fee online and the colleges can also consent to the admission of the student online.

Only after the approval of application of withdrawal from the college (which is submitted by the student in case he/she wants to take admission in some other college) and putting the same on the DU Portal, the student is allowed to choose another college from the previous college in which he/she got admitted earlier. The college will return back the documents to the students immediately in that case.

The closing date for online registration is 19 June 2016.

As reported by Hindustan Times.

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