Practical marks relief for DU aspirants hailing from state boards


Some state boards allot 60 marks for theory and 40 for practical. Due to this many students had to previously lose out on marks while applying to DU despite scoring well in their board exams.Come this May, University of Delhi is  likely to stop deducting 10 marks from the aggregate scores of applicants who have studied subjects that have a practical component of more than 30%.
This comes as a huge sigh of relief for non-CBSE boards as up till last year, DU would deduct 10 marks or 2.5 percentage points from the total score of applicants who included subjects not having 70 marks for theory and 30 marks for practical.

AK Bhagi, a member of the admission committee said, “Marks of such applicants will be adjusted on pro-rata basis”

The decision was taken recently by a 24-member admission committee, consisting of executive council and academic members, principals and other university representatives. There are 54,000 undergraduate seats available in around 70 colleges affiliated to the university.

“If you have a subject which has 40 marks for practical and 60 for theory then corresponding marks will be calculated and applied,”  said Bhagi. Thus, corresponding marks will be calculated and applied to the best of four, making the whole procedure more logical and beneficial for the students.

Students having studied the science stream and vocational subjects are expected to reap the maximum benefit from this change. However, these are only recommendations that’ll will now be sent by admission committee to the vice-chancellor for final approval.

Moreover, DU’s admission process is now expected to become a lot more smooth and easy for the applicants. Till last year, successful applicants had to go to college concerned and submit the admission fee after getting academic and identity documents verified from the college admission committee. Many students had complained about not being able to submit fee on time due to long queues.

DU’s admission process has now been revamped to become purely online. The process will begin from May 24th, 2016. Among other changes in the admission policy this year, the university has decided to allow students to make online payment for their college fees.
These are some of the steps taken by the university only to help ease the application procedure for a DU aspirant. We hope all goes down as expected and in the most hassle-free manner.

Source: Hindustan Times


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