Respite to ECA Candidates: Won’t be Rejected on the Basis of Certificates


The dates for the release of first cut offs of the University of Delhi is nearing and while the academic aspirants hang tight, there are some patiently waiting under the ECA category to prove their mettle through their respective talents . While DU bats one after the other, here is a ball for the ECA aspirants to catch.

Unlike the students who have applied under the sports category, ECA aspirants at Delhi University won’t be rejected on the basis of their certificates. This year the students, who had applied under the sports category, were screened on the basis of the certificates. Only those who had uploaded the appropriate certificates were eligible for the sports fitness test and trial. As many as 4,017 people were found ineligible out of the 10,382 applicants under the sports category. “This may not be so for the students applying under the ECA quota. Under this quota, two sets of trials are held. Students will be screened in the preliminary trial,” said a senior official of the admission committee.


It is conjectured that the decision was taken for the ECA category as the weightage given to certificates in the category was less compared to sports. Under the ECA, certificates get 25% weightage and trials 75%. Only the certificates of winners/participants at international, national, state, zonal and school level are considered. However, 50 marks are awarded for the certificates under the sports quota.

In each college, the committee identified by the Culture Council of the university will conduct the trials. The ECA admission committee will be nominated by the staff council of the college consisting of the principal, culture committee in-charge, nominee of the culture council and at least two experts in a specific field. The candidates will be allowed to appear at the preliminary level only once in an event and the list of the shortlisted candidates for final trials will be notified on the university and respective college websites.

Every college reserves a maximum of 5% under the sports and ECA categories. Choreography, dance, vocal, instrumental, creative writing , theatre , debate, fine arts, digital media, quiz, NSS and NCC are activities under the ECA. A total of 8,273 students have applied under the category.

If you are one of the many, University Express wishes you all the best and for those running from pillar to post, follow our ‘Admissions Corner 2016’ for all the recent updates about the varsity admissions.

Source : Hindustan Times


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