St. Stephen’s and JMC Asked to Join Central Admission Process


Minority colleges, St. Stephen’s College and Jesus and Mary College, were instructed to integrate their registration process with the varsity’s registration process for undergraduate admissions even if they maintain a separate admission process, by Delhi University, on Monday.

“They can have their own admission process but the university wants to maintain proper data of students applying. Separate registration leads to duplication and hence we have decided students will have to fill the centralized registration form. They will fill the same registration number in separate admission forms for these colleges,” said Nachiketa Singh, member of the admission committee.

Students applying to these colleges will have to submit their unique registration number in the separate application form for the college concerned post filling up Delhi University’s centralized online registration form.

Though a formal decision hasn’t been taken yet, according to sources in St. Stephen’s College, the college is ready to put a column in their application in which students will have to fill their central online registration number.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held between a delegation of St. Stephen’s College and the university to discuss the technical solutions to integrate the registration process, university sources said.

Jesus and Mary College officials were not available for any comment, reports Hindustan Times.

As reported by Hindustan Times.

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