10 Cartoons That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood.


Didn’t we all just love cartoons when we were kids? Most of our time was passed with our eyes fixed on televisions telecasting our favourite show. And I bet, our day didn’t end without a beating for watching them so closely or for so long.

Here’s a list of cartoon shows that will surely bring a lot of memories back. Here’s a ‘hi!’ to childhood.

1. Tom and Jerry

When we talk about Tom and Jerry, the image of Tom chasing Jerry always pops up. When I was a kid, the evenings were always fixed with the episodes. Where almost all the episodes started with Tom making a strategy to eat Jerry. Those were the days when the love-hate relationship between the two made you laugh your heart out.

2. Dragon Ball Z

As a kid I never knew what anime was, Dragon Ball introduced me to that world. It was my first show to witness people with insane power, awesome hairstyles and fights which would blow your mind. I would run from school, as fast as I could, just to watch this show. Singing the title track with volume at the highest. There was some magic which would cling me to the show. It was not just a cartoon, it taught us as children to train to be your best, not the best.

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3. Kim Possible

You remember Kim?

Who wouldn’t want to be her? I’m pretty sure Kim was Disney role model. She was basically a female superhero. She gave us goals, in the times when we relate things with gender. This cartoon was above gender roles, Ron danced as a cheerleader, Kim fought bad guys. In the era of slangs, have you ever said Boo Ya! and thought where has it comes from?

Kim Possible, cartoon, disney, cartoons

4. Johnny Bravo

There ain’t no party like Johnny Bravo’s party. He taught us to feel awesome about yourself and selfie might be new for us, but he knew the art well before we all knew it. Johnny taught us finding love requires passion, dedication and hard work. So all the guys out there, get dating lessons from Jhonny Bravo!

Johnny Bravo, cartoon, cartoon network, childhood, cartoons

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5. Rick and Morty

This cartoon managed to be one of the most unique cartoons on the television. Yes, we are talking about Rick and Morty! It is one of the funniest animated shows even if you are not a big fan of science fiction. This show will keep you hooked between the lovable characters and its dark sense of humour. It is one cartoon we loved as children, and even after growing up.

Rick and morty, cartoon, childhood, science fiction, cartoons

6. Recess

Recess was one creative show with a wide range of characters. They lived their way, enjoyed to the fullest extent as all that mattered was just that hour of happiness, they lived for the playground and yes, the playground was as important as any other character!

recess, cartoon, childhood, cartoons

7.  Garfield and Friends

If you feel like you are real-life Garfield, I feel you. When life is all about good food and relaxing and you know how to work hard.

Garfield and friends, cartoon, cartoons

8. The Pink Panther Show

This show was a handful of lessons one can never forget. Of all cartoons, this cat taught us to always make the best of every difficult situation, and well, of course, that pink is the best!

pink panther, the pink panther show, cartoon, childhood, cartoons

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9. Tweety and Sylvester

Apart from Sylvester’s ever-failing attempts to eat Tweety (thanks to Hector- the bulldog!), this show always remained a feast for those with a penchant for mysteries. And for the rest of us, the craziness of these Looney Tunes characters was enough to keep us entertained.

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10. Tiny Toon Adventures

How can anyone not remember this new, cute, yet crazy generation of Looney Tunes? They never failed to give us a giggle.

tiny toon adventures, cartoon, childhood, cartoons

Well, we come to an end of our list! These little creatures sure made our childhood much more memorable and fun.




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