5 Reasons Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?


28th April 2017 holds monumental significance. For the date shall provide a definite answer to the greatest question of the millennium: WHY KATTAPPA KILLED BAHUBALI?

Ever since the launch of the sequel’s trailer, Internet is flooded with ch***ya banao write-ups, claiming to uncap the story. Complimenting them are the endless discussions, jokes and memes on Facebook and Twitter.

With a week to go for its release, we try to possibly answer the crucial question.

#Theory 1: Kattappa owed loyalty to the throne and not Amarendra Bahubali. 

Note. Khattappa owed loyalty to the throne and not the King. He was the royal slave, and was expected to render his services to the throne. Therefore, with Bhallala Deva ascending to the throne, his loyalty unwilling is held for the latter. So? Then? Simple. Bhallaladeva pings royal commands to kill Bahubali.



#Theory 2: Kattappa did it for protecting Sivagami from Bhallaladeva:

Sounds strange? Let’s make it simpler. Sivagami favoured Baahubali to the throne. Bijjaladeva was not given the throne because of his partial paralysis. This aggravated discontent among the father and son. Therefore, upon ascending to the throne the duo hatched a plan. They ordered Kattappa to kill Bahubali, failing which they shall murder Sivagami. Kattappa was now in a dilemma. He could save one life at the cost of the other. Royal orders meant he couldn’t escape the situation. Therefore, on grounds of seniority, loyalty to the throne and prestige he chose Sivagami.


#Theory 3: Sivagami ordered Kattapa to kill Bahubali since she didn’t approve Bahubali’s warrior princess into the elite aristocracy:

Devasena (Anushka Shetty) would be a new face in the sequel. She is depicted as Bahubali’s wife and a fearsome warrior. Her place in the movie is unclear. It could be that Sivagami was disapproving of her son’s relationship with Devasena. Therefore, she ascends Bhallaladeva to the throne who had some evil intentions. Upon realising the same, Bahubali offered resistance. However, unaware of the scenario Sivagami orders Khatappa to kill Bahubali only to relent later.



#Theory 4: Bahubali was asked to justify Bhallaladeva’s accession to the throne:

Disclaimer: This is most unlikely.
Continuing with the previous theory, Baahubali was unfavored for the throne because of his relationship with Devasena, therefore, Bhallaladeva gets the throne. However, the people of Mahismati are unwilling to accept anyone except Baahubali as their ruler. Therefore, in order to justify his rule Bhalladeva/Sivagami ask the royal slave Khattapa to kill Bahubali. And remember, Sivagami had chosen Bahubali for the throne and not Bhallaladeva, despite the latter killing Kalakeya. She (Sivagami) did not abide by the condition set for accession to throne set before the war.



#Theory 5: Did Kattappa really kill Baahubali?

Again, most unlikely. But then considering the exquisite job done by the writers, there is a possibility of a completely new perspective to the plot. The unanswered question might just be a marketing strategy. No logic or substantiation but just a gut feeling


The first part did exceedingly well. And #WKKB (Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali) has been creating a lot of buzz ever since. ‘Baahubali’ series shall undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most amazing franchises ever. Apart from answering the buzz, it faces a lot of expectations from the audience.

Will the second part be able to do justice? Will any of the theories come out true? 28th April is the date.


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