5 Reasons Why it’s Perfectly Fine Not to Attend Fests

Photo Credits- Aditi Amit

The months of February and March mark the arrival of the fest season in the university and that ensures month-long tiffs with friends on which fests to attend and which ones to avoid. While you will find many articles about why fests are AWESOME and why you should attend them, here is a lowdown on why they aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.

1. Fests are overrated

Let us face it, fests are by default overrated, crowded as hell and can burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t monitor your spending. They are also very unpredictable owing to those “last-minute changes.” Just like every college has its respective fest, every fest has its very own last-minute changes, always. And mind you, these “minor changes” aren’t changes like a short delay in a performance or something similar, sometimes the star performing is changed himself! The surprise (read: shock) element in fests remains too high.

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2.They’re crowded and ill managed

Fests are managed by students and college students aren’t the best of managers. They can’t be blamed either since most of them are preparing for days on-end and are exhausted when the final days arrive. And the crowd that gets inside is nobody’s responsibility! So you aren’t missing out on a lot if all kinds of people enter inside with their sweaty bodies within half an inch radius as yours. Ew.

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3. You save time and money

While most of your peer group is out there enjoying fests AND standing in queues half of the time they’re there, you save that precious amount of time. You can make up for the missed studying hours or catch up on an old hobby and also save all that money that you would have otherwise spent on eating Momos and travelling around the city!

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4. You can take a day off

A day off is a luxury that many of us can’t afford while we’re in college. Juggling classes, assignments, societies and internships can take a heavy toll on your physical and mental well-being. So take a day off and catch up with your favorite television show or curl up inside your covers reading a book.

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5. And finally, there will always be a next year

When it comes to seasonal flu and fests, there will always be a next year. So stop beating yourself up for not wanting to do every clichéd college thing that there is and do whatever your damn mind pleases for a change.




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