5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Intern at a Startup


Gone are the days when you had to stick to a career path chosen by your parents. In this day and age, possibilities are endless and the world really is your oyster. It’s no wonder you see entrepreneurs flocking around from pillar to post, looking for investors, making us believe that dreams do come true. Startup is the new name for ambition and interning with one can be a really good idea, because they relate with your levels of creativity as well as insecurity, on a whole new level. Let’s have a look at 5 reasons why you should intern at a startup:

1. Enthusiasm > Experience

Whenever one sets out to look for an internship, one of the major criteria for selection is pre-requisite experience in the field. Big brands and names won’t have you unless you’re some kind of hot shot already. But a startup is a baby itself and they don’t see how much experience you have on paper, as much as they see how much actual skill and interest you show. They let your work speak for itself and that’s more than any intern can ask for.

2. They let you have a voice

Interning at a startup means you’ll get to have an active role in the organization. Since they’ve recruited you, they’ll expect you to contribute. What makes this better is that startups are generally in the process of discovering their functioning processes and thus, they’re not rigid about the way they work. This enables you to actually voice your ideas and thoughts, thereby learning much more than you could’ve in a place where you’re only dictated.

3. Workmates you can relate to

Chances are that if you intern at a startup, your colleagues will be people in the same age group as you. They may even be older but c’mon these are people staking everything they have for building something new, how much younger can they get? You will make brilliant connections and friends!

4. Off-textbook learning

As mentioned earlier, startups allow one to actively participate in the functioning of the organization. Thus, any intern will be able to experiment and learn in not just their own field but other areas of work as well. You will witness how an organization works, up, close and personally. The amount of knowledge and experience you’ll gain at a startup is unmatched by any other internship.

5. Enhancement of problem-solving and adaptation skills

Interning at a startup means interning somewhere where nothing is set in stone. You will face unexpected tasks and challenges and as you conquer each task assigned to you, you’ll realize just how much you’ve learnt. Such an internship equips you to deal with tight deadlines, sudden change of plans and thereby, makes you way stronger as an employee.

Sure big names look fancy in a CV but employers are generally more interested in what you’ve learnt and are capable of. Hesitate no more, apply for that internship in a startup already!

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