5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Hating Exams

Full length of a female student sitting against bookshelf and reading a book on the library floor

Exam time is finally here and though ideally everyone should be revising right now, I am pretty sure that many students have not even started with the syllabus. We all make countless timetables and always end up screwing them, we read a number of articles on exam preparation but never follow a single advice written in them, and we all say, “Kal se pakka padhna shuru”, but sadly that day doesn’t come until a week before exams (or for some people the day before exam). But no matter how much we despise exams, we should really stop hating them because they exist for a reason.

So as you gear up for exams, here are five things that you should keep in mind so that you don’t feel as miserable as you probably do right now:

  1. Mind Stimulation


We cannot deny the fact that we hardly study the whole semester and because of this our brain goes into a state of hibernation. Exams make the brain work by feeding it knowledge and also increase our concentration.


  1. They Tell Us Where We Stand


We may think that we know a lot of things but it is when we study that we realize what we really know and this helps us pay attention to what we thought we know and what we don’t know.


  1. Analyze Our Weaknesses and Strengths


When the question paper is in our hands, we realize what our weaknesses and strengths in a particular subject are and what topics we must focus more on for the next time.

  1. Time Management


Exams help us become more productive as they require us to make plans. We tend to waste less time and thus, they help us improve our time management skills

  1. Motivation


Exams motivate us to learn topics which we have otherwise been ignoring perhaps because they are difficult to understand or boring.

Hating exams will only make exam time way more difficult than it already is. Keeping a positive approach towards them can make us feel less stressful and help us concentrate better.


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