5 Start Ups That Are Making Life at the University Super Easy


We just heard that you’ll be entering Delhi University soon. Feeling lucky? Well, coming to the most happening city in the country has its advantages (some craze-mazing stuff) but on the flip side, surviving here gets tough. You know, like really “tough”. Monica says it better.

But guys, even though the “it sucks” part is definitely true, you can make most stuff easier. How? – For that we bring to you a guide to 5 essential startups that you need to know about if you wanna live in Delhi. Here you go:

1. Jaadu

Jaadu-HandYep, this app does go by the name Jaadu. It literally acts like Jaadu from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, except for the fact it does not require any dhoop. (Er. That joke fell flat.)

Anyway, coming to the app, it truly does everything for you; from checking cutoffs to suggesting which café you pop into for your first date with the most recent crush.

Plus, you can have help PG hunting, get pickups done, deliveries done, book cabs, recharge your phone, it’ll even grab movie ticket for you. Going as far as acting like your messiah when your tummy starts to groan in the middle of the night, Jaadu is guaranteed to help you with anything and everything you want – it is, in fact, your personal assistant.

P.S. You don’t need to download the app, all you need to do is WhatsApp them on 9818884394 or simply leave them a message on facebook. So, you could replace most of your apps by having just this one. (Tons of storage in your SD card – woohoo!)

Available On: Android .

2. Zocalo

KNOWSTARTUP_ZOCALOIf you’re still confused about your ‘thikana’ before you embark on the three most thrilling years of your life, we bring this app to you where you can find your perfect homebase.

The best part about the app is that it involves no brokers (at all) and thus, you get to have the most amazing deals on accommodations (that too near your college) sans any compromise on quality.

Available On: iOS & Android.

3. Self Control For Study

unnamed-2We’ve come to the most horrific part about coming to DU – the semester exams. (We do have tests here; just in case you thought that every day’s party central).

Amid all the pressures of socializing, societies, dating, virtual life, we often tend to ignore the main reason we came to college. Moreover, concentrating on studies can get really, really tough with hundreds of notifications popping up on your cell. To counter that, download the Self Control For Study app which will simply lock your phone for the time period you set and there’ll be absolutely no way to unlock it before the specified time.

Now, even though this sounds nightmarish, it’s good for you bachha; after all, we all dread the question ‘Kitne marks aaye?’(Yep, relatives won’t leave you in college either.)

Available On: Android, iOS & Windows.

4. Meetup

Meetup“Why would someone need an app like that in the most happening colleges?” – you ask.

Well friends, the happening part is true, but it is also true that you’re gonna feel lonely sometimes (a break-up, BFFs squabble, gang split; anything can happen) and that’s why we bring to you – MeetUp.

This is an app where you can have some of the most interesting of the conversations ever, and on any topic under the sun. Not only can an energy filled debate on MeetUp lead to a romantic sparkle, you can also build tons of professional connections here. Do check out the app once you enter college life.

Available On: Android, iOS & Windows.

5. D For Delhi

D for delhiWe’ll admit that sometimes the sheer size of the city can be intimidating, but once you shrink it down to the size of your smartphone, it’s a lot easier to manage. Fortunately, there’s a whole universe of apps out there that help you do just that—and D for Delhi is the very best.

Do check this website out here, because we know you don’t want to be the lame guy who’s completely blank when everyone is talking about going to the Beer Fest in Gurgaon or the Street Food Fest in JN Stadium.

So, what are you waiting for? Kejriwal’s free wifi? – Well, that ain’t happening anytime soon. Don’t miss out on these apps meanwhile.

Guest Author: Diksha Singhi


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