5 Things Only an Economics Student Will Relate To


1. Economics is just Demand and Supply

Don’t we all just hate it when non-economics people, who based on some prior notion, think that economics is all about demand and supply? The pain of learning so much in so little time is something only those who study economics go through. Demand and supply are definitely integral parts of the subject but limiting a vast course to just two terms that you came across in high school gets on the nerve of every economics student.

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2. Depressed for life

We are all familiar with the Great Depression of the 1930s. However, if you are doing an economics major you understand it on a deeper scale, quite literally. Every new topic in public economics or microeconomics brings with it a new bout of depression. Unfortunately though whereas the Great Depression was followed by a strong recovery, the economics student gets stuck in the rat-race problem!

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3. Eco > B.Comm

While we keep up the pretence of B.Comm-Eco bhai-bhai, it is no secret that Eco students are cooler and more intellectual than B.Comm students 😛 After all, B.Comm honours toh woh karte hai jinko Eco nahi milti. However we love you guys, without you all, we would have no one to feel good about it. 

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4. Studying Economics = Money Minded

It’s a common misconception that those who do economics are money-minded and would most likely be interested in the stock market. However, although economics provides a good amount of knowledge about stocks, shares and bonds, not all of us think of ourselves as wolves of wall street. There are many other fields that require economics which is why there is huge demand for the subject.

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5. No Unemployment!

Despite all the headaches that Eco students face, the one thing which lets us sleep peacefully at night is knowing that at the end of the day unlike our friends doing English and Philosophy, we are at least guaranteed a decent job!

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