Your alternative way to relax this mid-sem break is here!


Hi there, fellow sleepyheads. How is this lazy mid-sem treaty you? Well, I know. You’ll find a lot of articles telling you to be productive this mid-sem break, do this activity, travel to this place, read this book or just study because exams are near( say what?). But,  we won’t. We’ll tell you to do things differently this mid-sem. We’ll hence try to suggest pretty basic stuff that’ll leave you feeling happy and content, and also help counter your boredom(if at all you can’t get out of bed to do productive stuff that you ought to do).

Here is a list of alternative stuff you could do this break:-

Get over your existential crisis

YES. Most important. I know that we’ll all have a bundle of internals hanging over our head again once we go back(oops that’s inappropriate information for this heading), but forget it for a while. Detox a little, even if it is for a week. Relaxing helps counter stress really well. Even if you have been given assignments over the break, manage your time such that you have ample time to detox after their completion. Get over the existential crisis of marks, internals, professors, classes, and the semester for a while. This break is for you, so make it about yourself.

Get some ‘Me’ time this holiday

As I said, this break is for you. So make it about yourself. If your idea of ‘alone’ is listening to songs in your room with a book, do that. if you want to go watch a movie by yourself, go, do that. Explore your interests. Being with family and friends is very important, but equally important is your alone time, because it helps you get in touch with yourself better. It actually makes you know yourself better. Think about stuff you want to do, or where you would like to travel. Anything helps. This is an amazing way to detox from your otherwise hectic (read-‘internals’ se bhari’) life.

Meditate or do something peaceful likewise

Too anxious or hyperactive? Feel like running away from all the buzz and hue of your hectic life? Try meditation. No, this is not an advertisement for anything as it may seem, but this is definitely effective. Five to ten minutes of meditation per day helps provide a lot of inner peace and relaxation. It relaxes your nerves and helps you tackle life’s pressures better . Walking or running also helps. Put some songs on and take a quick jog around the park You must have read posts that say ‘I want to sit on the rooftop under the stars at 2am with someone and discuss life’. Well let’s reframe that a bit. Read that as ‘Go on the rooftop and lie down under the stars at 2am’, because who’s better company than yourself?

Do some soul-searching

Too philosophical? Yes, but isn’t this absolutely necessary? Know yourself better this break. Know what you like to do the most, know how you behave when you are all alone, know what calms you down and gives you peace. Do what makes you happy this break. It can vary from the tiniest thing or activity to the biggest adventure. The biggest adventure may depend too. What if your biggest adventure is painting? Well, go ahead and paint then! There is no boundation and absolutely no limitations. Do what you absolutely love to do. We’ll not tell you to sit alone for hours and contemplate on world peace, but think about various things in general and help yourself feel happy and rejuvenated.

Think about life and future

No, you got me wrong. I won’t tell you to plan your future interims of career and focus on what you are doing and what you ought to do and what would be good for you career-wise. All I want you to do is think about life is general. Think about that particular hobby of yours, and, whether that can be pursued further or not. Converting your love and passion into your future profession is the ideal dream. I mean, what could be better in life? Pursue something that gives you peace and happiness. You can love what you do only when it interests you. So think about how you can manifest your interests and things that you love to do into productivity in your later years. This way you can tell your parents you are thinking about your future, which you kinda are, but are still not (*wink*)

As Lalah Delia said, “For moments when you don’t feel like yourself, have alone/quiet time. Breathe deeper, Exhale slower. Listen within. Take positive action to restore.”

So hence spend this break for yourself, on yourself. 


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