7 Literary Events in January that every Bibliophile needs to attend!


It’s been 20 days since my semester end exams, well, ended, and I, honest to God, have done nothing productive (unless logging on and off Facebook multiple times in a single day sounds particularly dynamic.)

I have resolved to lead a healthier and a more cultured life. No, this resolution will not end up in the guilt pile too because it’s a comparative adjective I aim to achieve. One thing I am genuinely thankful to Facebook for, though, is the constant updation of great events coming up in the city. This January seems especially loaded with amazing literary events. So throw off those blankets, pull up your socks and cap your ears. Here are January events you absolutely need to attend:
1. World Book Fair

world book fair
You have got to be living under a rock to have not heard of the World Book Fair. Making noise on social media to shouting from the backs of auto rickshaws, the notifications are everywhere. Also, the fact that it’s being held for years now might have been a clue.
When: January 7th , 2017 – January 15th, 2017
Where: Pragati Maidan
Entry: 20/- per person


2. Delhi BYOB
Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) is one of THE coolest reading clubs in Delhi. Attendees get to lend/borrow books, bring the book they last read and have discussions with like-minded people. They even have a crowd sourced library! BYOB has four really awesome events planned in January.


  1. BYOB x Khurpify – Foodies’ Book Club Meet:
    If you’re the kind of person who:
    a) needs to munch constantly while reading
    b) is a cookbook collector
    c) loves to read about food
    d) has a favourite book which talks extensively of food
    e) relates to all or some of the above, this event is crafted just for you.

When: 7th January 2017, 3 PM
Where: Delhi Co, Shahpur Jat
Entry: Through registration. Register by emailing a photograph of the book to delhi@bringyourownbook.org. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


  1. BYOB – Crime Fiction

The theme being left open to interpretation, you get to be as wacky in your book choices as you’d like to be. This one is sure en-tie-sing.

When: 8th January 2017, 3 PM
Where: Gurgaon, at a member’s house. Details to be mailed 2 days before the event to those who register.
Entry: Through registration. Register here. Visit their Facebook page.


  1. BYOB – Poetry in the Park


The much awaited BYOB Poetry meet is finally here for its Delhi members. The 1st half of the meet will be a poetry discussion and the second half will be an open mic- you’ll get a chance to read out your poetry to people. Cool, right?

When: 15th January 2017, 11 AM – 2 PM
Where: At a park(!), location hasn’t been disclosed yet. It will be emailed 2 days before the event, if you register.
Entry: Through registration. Register by emailing a photograph of the book to delhi@bringyourownbook.org

Visit their Facebook page for more information.


  1. BYOB – The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky:


Come, read and discuss The Perks of being a Wallflower with other Delhi readers. You’ll have to listen to Charlie’s mixed tapes for this one, if you haven’t already. Other attractions include “cake (crowd-sourced), snacks (crowd-sourced), dogs (crowd-sourced), and great conversation (crowd-sourced)”, we’re being told. Is it even a choice?

When: 29th January 2017, 11 AM
Where: Those who register will receive the location by e-mail.
Entry: Through registration. Register by emailing a photograph of the book to delhi@bringyourownbook.org

Click here to view the Facebook page.


6. Noir Literature Festival 2017


Another one of those cool book discussions, in settings you’d love. This one requires nothing but your presence.
When: 27th January 2017, 5 PM- 29th January, 2017, 7 PM
Where: Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place
Entry: Open to all

Click here to visit their Facebook page.


7. Two-day Writers Festival


Organised by Writer’s Stuff, the creator of Tall Tales, this is a creative writing workshop designed for all levels of writers- from newbies to pros and everyone in between. Taking into account all genres, they will be detailing what exactly goes into writing a good story- from the structure and the setting, to plot and characterization. There will be discussions, games, exercises and much more. Interested yet? Here is their weekend sketched out :

Day 1 – The Map – Learn the details of the universal story structure and why it’s critical to understanding stories.

Day 2 – The Motion – Put your theory into action and learn the key priorities to make a story not just interesting but unforgettable.

When: 14th January, Saturday, 10AM

Where: 91 Springboard, South Delhi

Entry: 1800/- for one day, 4500/- for both
Register here: https://insider.in/event/the-tall-tales-two-day-writers-workshop-in-delhi-jan14-jan15

For more information. check out their Facebook page.


Did you find any among these which you like? Register now for events which demand it lest they run out of seats. There’s nothing like sweater weather to get you reading. This January is sure going to be lit.

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