7 Reasons To Love Holi


Holi- As we all know is the festival of colours. It is revelry of spring, of the victory of good over evil and of course a celebration of life itself! The festival which was once restricted to Hindus, is now celebrated globally, thanks to the NRIs! Though Holi gives us many amazing reasons to love it, let’s see some of the top most reasons that make us indulge in water balloons and colour hurling. . .


  1. Freedom to be yourself

    : Holi is a festival that represents the loosening of social restrictions and norms. Calm and polite behaviour is thrown out of the window. When it comes to celebrating holi, it’s good to be wild!

  2. Coolest tracks to groove on

    : ‘Do me a favour, let’s play Holi’. Holi parties welcome you to dance on the coolest dancing tracks of all time. Tracks like ‘Rang Barse’ from 80’s never fail to make us jump up and fill that pichkari. So, get ready to dance this holi with whoever you want, because no one takes offence on this occasion.

  3. Traditional holi dishes

    : Along with colours, dance & a lot of fun, some traditional Holi dishes are cooked to add flavour to your colourful party. Holi offers you a whole range of mouth-watering dishes on the occasion, like ‘Ice Creams’, ‘Phirnis’ and ‘Bhaang’, in case you don’t mind losing yourself & dance!

  4. TV Buff

    : If you are a big TV buff and don’t like playing with colours outside, the festival has a lot for you in store too. Throughout the festival, you can find the TV channels filled up with Holi shows, movies & songs. Some channels go on to show your favourite stars splashing colours on their famous Holi parties. So,  just sit back, relax and enjoy the colour of Holi on the screen.

  5. Fades away the boundaries of society

    : It is a celebration that blurs the lines of gender, class and caste and, in most of the places, people of different social, cultural, and religious groups come together to revel in the joy of spring, life and love. Who would not like to be a part of such an amazing celebration!

  6. ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi hai’ Factor

    : Yes, you heard it right! The festival gives you an amazing freedom to celebrate with whoever you want and welcome everyone with open arms and a spray of colours! If anyone gets offended during the celebration, just say, “Bura na mano, Holi hai”, and you’re free!

  7. The After Party

    : This is another amazing reason why we love Holi. Once everyone is done playing with colours, water and every kind of crazy stuff, an after party is organised in which all the neighbours & the family members come together to spend some peaceful yet lovely time, exchanging sweets & chatting over a grand meal.

No matter what your perception about Holi is, you are going to love it once you celebrate it! So, be ready to feel the colour of love in the air! I wish you all a very happy & crazy Holi  2016. And yes, BE SAFE!



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