7 things You Will Learn in Christ University, Bangalore



  1. Traffic management

Christites living in and around SG Palya will know the real art of managing traffic and reaching for the 9’oclock class on time. The small lane is full of auto drivers, scooters, bikes, cars and pedestrians.  Leave an hour early if you are taking a bus.

  1. Approximating your leaves

You will find all Christites sulking over attendance issues. 85 is no longer a random number for them. Bunk mate is the best friend of christites. Every student can be seen approximating their leaves before bunking every lecture. They rightly know the art of calculation it seems.

  1. Segregation of waste

Dry waste bins and wet waste bins are put all around the campus. CSA  (centre for social action) workers will always help you to learn this difference. You devotedly start to follow their instructions.

  1. Debit cards are used for any sort of payments

Your South Indian Bank debit card is majorly used for all sorts of payments. Fees, fines and challans are paid by these cards. Even a library fine of ten rupees is made through this card.

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  1. Holistic development is compulsory

All you need is holistic development in youself! One hour classes are conducted every week. You have to attend and pass this examination in order to receive your hall tickets.

  1. Your only identity inside the campus is your “ID card”

Security guards are present on every gate. Right from the entrance gate till your classroom gate you are asked for your id. Christ ID card is the only identity that you’ve got (do not lose it). It helps you to get attendance in auditorium, entering in library and writing an exam.

7. You know exams are approaching when all the photocopy shops are flooded with books.

Any lane or shop you go, you will find students either downloading their hall tickets or getting the library books photocopied. All the Xerox shops in the campus are almost full and the books in the library taken. Be quick if you want to borrow those books.

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