7 Websites To Get Your College Notes & Study Material From


With assignments and exams just around the corner for all the college students, it’s time to gather all the notes and study material you can to cramp in this tiny brain of ours. Here are 8 websites that will get you those readings you need.


1. Google Scholar

This is the go-to website for any student, for there is nothing that Google can’t find. Any book, journal, article, you name it and Google has it. Finding full book PDF can be a bit of a stretch, but usually it comes through. You can even do an advanced search using the author’s name etc. Specifying the format can give you exactly what you want.




This website caters to all the needs for a DU student. Even if you’re not , you can easily access all the libraries , and it isn’t as if the books are exclusive to one university. It has links to various other public domain e-libraries , categorised accordingly, from where you can easily access all the e-resources.



3. N-List

This is THE library you want access to. With access to 20+ worldwide libraries such as Cambridge, Oxford, N-List gives you access to whatever you want. This is a government run e-library, and colleges need to have a subscription to it (and most colleges do have it), after which, a Member ID and Password is passed out individually to the students. Check out if your college has subscribed or not. You may contact your librarian in case of any query.




JSTOR is the database to find journals, articles, limited books, especially for students from Humanities and Social Sciences. You can either login using your N-List details from their website (N-List gives you access to JSTOR for free) or you can register using your email id here. You can find journal PDFs for free.



This website is your one-stop shop for everything related to Sciences. From full textbooks to journals, research papers, you’ll find everything here. Go to National Science Digital Library to search everything, subject-wise.




NPTEL just made Sciences more interactive. This is the online database with all the videos of the lectures that take place in various IITs and ISCs , with prescribed syllabus online and YouTube links for anyone and everyone to watch and learn. At least Science seems easier with the help of videos.




ISID gives you access to thousands of newspaper clippings, journals, and writings, dating back to early 20th century. Access the age old archives in one click. Signing Up is free and takes a minute, as simple as that. Go to the Databases link to find what you want.



Searching for the right study material is a neck-breaking task.  The next time you need some help to find notes and study material, access these free websites and find something substantial, rather than copying off the whole wiki page. So remember to bookmark this article and use it for further reference.


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