8 Things Third Years’ Face in their Final Semester


Dive in to relieve the stress with a morsel of pleasantry.

The coveted ‘College life’ sure has a pretty perfect picture etched in our brains until we actually get to live through it! However, taking the highs with the lows is something that can be learnt only in college.

Here are a few things the current batch deals with, in their concluding semester before they bid adieu.

 1. Congratulations! The Quarter Life crisis strikes!

“What? Am I 21 already?” It is tricky to stomach the idea that one has grown up and ready to take on the world. You now try to “fit in” and do what supposedly “grown-ups” do! (Secretly the idea of binge watching 4 seasons of a series and not caring seems to be the best thing at this point.) You can officially welcome the infamous crisis in your life!

2. Questioning your adulting abilities.

Blessed is the soul who quoted “Age is just a number!” It indeed is. With graduation knocking on the door, believe it or not, every student questions his/her maturity level every now and again! (“Am I too old for making faces in front of my mirror?” No, you are not.)

3. Every life lesson on TV resonates with you!

Do you catch yourself often thinking –“Oh my god! That’s exactly how I feel!” after watching a series? (Cue episode 1 of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series!) This is the phase where every little plot seems to start resonating with your life.

4. “Will these internships truly help?”

There is always a certain degree of doubt that engulfs our interning decisions. Always. Well, after slogging away the majority of summer break in a corporate. Honestly, I don’t judge if this question pops up in the wits!

5. Creepy attention from creeps will be missed!

Co-ed college goers will really have to look to spot creeps creeping out for attention beyond college.

6. Relationship goals not met!

Three years and not one boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Valentine’s with. “Has now St. Valentine turned his nose up at me?” “What have I achieved really?” (And back to the first point!)

7. What a relief that these three years are done and dusted off of my life!

This one’s specific to all my girls in the girls’ colleges! (Psst! I know the struggle)

8. There is so much I want to do in life! Where do I start?

As freshly baked “to –be “graduates; ever so often we find ourselves overwhelmed with all that is happening, and happening so fast. The vigour at times makes our ability to procrastinate reaches a new peak!

It is painful to leave behind a major chunk in an institution, because, to be associated with it becomes an innate behaviour for all. But a little humour sails the ships with an extra bit of ease! So don’t take life too seriously (take your education seriously though!). Everything else will figure itself out.

To all the students in their final semester, we wish you a very happy journey ahead. Congratulations to have made it through! Jao Ji Lo Apni Zindagi!


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